How can I add a HTML code to My Yahoo homepage?

Let’s learn how can I add a HTML code to My Yahoo homepage. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I am wondering if anyone has the full HTML code to be able to add music to a Yahoo group homepage. ?

When i first opened a yahoo group you could add music to a yahoo group homepage. Then when changes were made i had problems. I would love to add some Halloween Music but the html code i am using doesn't seem to be working. I am wondering if someone could help me Thanks Nicola


Yahoo disabled that well over a year ago- there is no code that'll work, sorry

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How does one paste. html code onto a homepage (not a web page)I want to paste a weather sticker onto "My Yahoo

Weather stickers are available on "weatherunderground", and the instructions say to copy the code and paste it onto your homepage (which in my case is "MyYahoo". Where do I paste the code?


MyYahoo! does not allow you to alter the html code on the page, only to add RSS feeds. However, if you...

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Problems embedding HTML in Yahoo! 360 blog? Code keeps disappearing?

I've been trying to embed the following piece of HTML into my blog, but the item does not show up when I preview it. When I go back to edit the entry page, half of the HTML code I pasted in originally is missing. Any idea why? <table border="...


there could be an error with the code itself, not all html codes are supported by yahoo, double check...

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How to insert Vidoes into my Homepage? Anyone to help me with the html Code?

Please I will appreciate your answers. I am trying to build a homepage using yahoo page builder and I tried to upload videos to no avail. I am doubting if it is the problem of yahoo site builder or the problem of the video files?.


if you use the "<a>" tag your video will not be played instantly and it will not be...

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Is there anywhere on my yahoo 360 page that I can enter in an "html" code to??

I'm trying to add something to my Yahoo 360 page, but I need somewhere on the acutal page (doesnt matter where) where I can insert an HTML code. Does anyone know if there is anywhere on these pages that will allow it, besides a blog perhaps?? Thanks!


The only place that an html can be used on 360 pages right now is on your blog entry itself. You can...

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Where can I find html code to add to my site so a customer can upload a graphic file to me? Other ideas?

I have a new business and want my clients to be able to send photos as needed, but I am not experienced with html and am currently using Yahoo's sitebuilder software.


That can't be done with HTML and would require some type of server side software. There is no way a...

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Why won't my HTML code show up when I paste it to my Yahoo group?

Is there a special place where you add HTML??


You have to do this in the Management area of the group you created. If you substitute your exact group...

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How do I add HTML codes to my yahoo! groups?

I have pasted some code into the descrition box, but all that shows up is the body text. the code was to jst put a background image in. What am I doing wrong? (ignore the periods). more


you can add HTML to the description area for a picture- I have them on all my groups. a moving picture...

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Well there should be a way to edit the page with FrontPage or another tool, but I am pretty sure that...

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