How can I add a printer to my computer and be able to print?

Let’s learn how can I add a printer to my computer and be able to print. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Add or remove a printer -

... or network printer to your computer. ... Click Add a printer. ... If you have permission to manage documents on the printer, you can also cancel all print jobs ...

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My printer can't add to my new computer, why can't it print?

I have HP laserjet P1005 and a new dell computer. I've added and install the printer already, but when i try to print, it doesn't work and just says "error" Please, how can i fix this? Thanks


so you installed the printer software on your new computer before you plugged in the printer to the...

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I have a printer on my network and i know the IP, how do i add it to my computer to print?

I used the printer wizard but I don't know what network my printer is in and its not shared.


Simply go to your Printer under Control Panel, right click on the default one, the one you want to use...

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How can I activate my print spooler so that I can add a printer?

my computer isn't letting me use the add a printer button in control panel I get a message about my print spooler service not running. Any brief suggestions?


To activate the print spooler , you need to start the print spooler service and make sure that the print...

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How to print from a wireless printer?

i have 2 desktop computers and one laptop in my home. my one desktop computer has a cable internet connection(comcast), a wireless router, and a printer. the wireless internet works great on both my other desktop and my laptop, but my problem is with...


make sure you add the security name to your printer that is on the desktop it is the name you gave when...

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I just installed a HP 3050 laser jet printer on my host computer, how do I print from a remote laptop?

I just installed the 3050 printer and would like my daughter to print from her laptop but I don't know how to set it up. If I go to add a printer, the tutorial ask me to name a computer I'd like to add. I don't know how to answer question. Printer does...


you have to enable file sharing on both computers. From there you can access the host computers printers...

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How do you add a printer to your computer?

I am using my school laptop right now but i have a computer at home which is connected to my printer. I want to be able to print things from this laptop to my printer and I've tried the 'add a printer' option in Control Panel but after that I dont know...


You just need to install the cd you got with the printer on the laptop too. If you don't have the CD...

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Can't add printer to computer: HP officejet 4110 all-in-one..?

I went to control panel-Add printer. There on the left I picked HP and on the right I was searching for officejet. I found it but I couldn't find officejet 4110. I went ahead and added the officejet that didn't have anything in front of it and test printed...


Didn't you read the Wizard, it say if it's a Plug and Play that connects to a Usb port you don't use...

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How do i add a printer to my wireless network?

i want to be able to print from my laptop without having to use a memory stick. i have a main computer with has a printer and internet connected, and my laptop already shares the internet through a wireless network. please tell me how i can add a printer...


Same as you would through a wired network, if there both on the same LAN? To share the printer, open...

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Why can I not access a printer connected to another networked computer, even though I can access its documents?

I have a desktop that has two printers connected to it via USB. The desktop IS configured for network access, and is accessible by every computer in the house. I have three laptops with a wireless connection. All three can successfully connect to the...


I think you need to reset your printer and follow this instruction for you to print again. Many times...

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