How can I ask facebook the permission for a new account?

Let’s learn how can I ask facebook the permission for a new account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do u ask my parents for permission for a Facebook account?

Lots of my friends and classmates of mine have fb accounts and I really want to get one to keep in touch with my friends. I'm in 8th grade and lots of my classmates are going to more


Your parents can have a Facebook account and then allow you to have an account under them where they...

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Do any one know facebook e-mail address to where I can write to get help with my account?

okay I got an account with facebook and now when i try to login in it will not let me for i am the only one that know my password but it seem that either they at facebook my think it someone else that is trying to hatch in to my profile but it not it...


If I understand your problem correctly (and I'm not sure I do), I would suggest trying to complete the...

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Facebook account re-activated without my permission?

Is it possible that they sent me the email in error? I tried searching for me on facebook to see if it was really activated again and nothing came up so I just logged on the account and changed the password and deactivated it again. I am curious if Facebook...


good that you changed might've been hacked

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Is it legal for a stranger to take a photo from my account and post it to a facebook page without my permission? People are being mean now..

I was on a page and I saw a mean 1D picture so I said that's not nice can you grow up?. She took the photo from my account and said Directioners these days. It was a picture of me at a Halloween party. I have been trying to remove and they won't do it...


As I am extrememly "Anti-facebook"... All I can say is whatever you dont want the whole world...

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Why does facebook always ask me "Request for Permission"?

Every time I am tag on a photo or I want to be a part of something I get this message saying "Request for Permission" and in the bottom of it, it says "is requesting permission to do the following:" Access my basic information Post...


it's just the security settings for facebook. It happens to everyone. You have to give your permission...

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How can someone ask to be my "friend" on Facebook if I do not have a Facebook account?

I'm getting emails from Facebook on my gmail a/c saying my cousin wants to be my friend. He does have my gmail address.


On Facebook you have the choice to search for friend through email or use the websites search engine...

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Why facebook ask the mobile number whenever create new account?

We are 3 friends and wants to create facebook account but only one friend has mobile and facebook asking everytime new mobile no. so I am facing trouble.


they force you to verify it with your phone to prevent people from making multiple accounts

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Can an employer ask to sign into your facebook account during an interview?

if an employer asks to sign into your facebook account during an interview is that an invasion of privacy , or do i have to do it? and also if do i refuse to sign into my account my more


Why would he need to see your facebook page? What is he your mom? You shouldnt have to do that. I never...

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How to report my friend's previously hacked facebook account to ask them to remove it?

My friend's account was hacked a few years ago and she wasn't able to log in to remove it. She doesn't have any access to the email account or the facebook profile. Is more


If She Has a Facebook Profile Then Go To The Fake One Get Her to Click on the Circle Then Click on Report...

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you have to Show them a Photo Id in order to unlock your account there is no way to bypass this sorry...

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