How can I become a professional downhill mountain bike racer?

Let’s learn how can I become a professional downhill mountain bike racer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What should I get/ do to become a mountain bike racer?

I am an average novice bike rider. I want to know what I need to do to start training and eventually compete in mountain bike races. What kind of training and diet regiment should I more


Look for a off-road bike assoc. in your area. Go to your local bike shop and get fitted for a bike that...

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Too long to cover here in detail. But basically DH MTBing have fairly short runs, so you need to focus...

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What is the better to use in the road? mountain bike or the racer bike?

i wanna lose some weight and some fats i wanna join in biking group if i can have friend, and i need advice which is better to use? the mountain bika or the racer bike. please help me i am located in cebu philippines. please advice me about this.


If you are on the road you should use a road (racing) bike especially if you are going to ride in a...

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Mountain bike V Racer bike?

I already have a pretty light XC mountain bike and was wondering if changing the front cranks to 48/34/24 and slim slick road tires (my other parts are already ultra light parts, including the rims), would make a great of difference in catching up with...


This is a hard one to answer, you first need to determine what type of roadies you would be riding with...

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How can i become a bike racer?

I wanna become a super bike racer........What should i do for this? What is the procedure for this?


Why all the " ZZZZZZZZZ " when asking a question ? I always thought the word was " please...

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Which mountain bike is lighter... Titus racer X or Giant nrs?

Im 5'11'' 200 lbs and wanting to get into XC racing. Would I benefit from a nrs carbon or racer x more...or what other bike do you recommend?


I'd go with Titus. Also Giant hasn't made the nrs in more than two years.

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I want to become a professional bike racer?

I m 18 and i know that i m too old to get started but still i want to know that is there any chance for me to get entered in racing because bike racing is my dream from many years...


Luis did not read the question and missed out the word " professional " so I can't agree with...

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An average speed for a mountain bike off road on middling terrain is around 12-15mph, that's pretty...

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I am looking at pics of Fuji Racer bikes and they have thicker tires, so it does appear that you could...

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Racer bikes or road bikes---choose TREK, LITESPEED,Colnago or Giant.In mountain bikes----get ROCKY MOUNTAIN...

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