How can I change my IP address ?

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How can I change my IP address?

I am living in Northern Ireland and have a BT homehub wireless router. I am trying to watch a programme shown on RTE (An Irish channel) on my laptop through their catch up service which is available for viewers in the south and the north only. I couldn't access the show so looked at their faq's and seen something about ip address and when I checked my ip address a liverpool location comes up which would explain why I cannot access the show. Can anyone tell me how to change my ip address, preferrably...


Proxy Servers are they only way, well that and "Online Proxy Servers", but I doubt you'll...

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Help, how can i change my IP address in Windows 7?

Okay here is what i tried (these don't work for me, and my IP address never changed when i tried these methods) I clicked Start and then typed in the Search field, cmd Right clicked on cmd.exe and then chose Run as Administrator Typed ipconfig /release...


Doing ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew will not change your ip address, so what you experienced...

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How can you disguise your ip address so it appears as a different ip or change it to a different ip completly?

My friend made his ip so when you try to trace it it goes to japan. I want to do something like that. Im under my internet options right now i have an at@t network and i see this Broadband IP Obtain IP address automatically. Manually configure IP address...


The easiest way to do this is using a proxy.

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How can I change my current IP address to another countries IP address?

I live in the United Kingdom and I would like to change my IP address so that when I go onto websites they think I am in the USA. How can I change my ip address to a USA IP address?


You can't change your actual IP address, but you can run your internet through a proxy server. Here...

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How can I change the IP address for NetGear router model WNR1000v2 ?

I have a NetGear router model WNR1000v2 through Comcast. I would like to change my IP address, or block my IP address completely. I have gone into my router and it is asking me about dynamic IP addresses, static IP addresses, sticky IP addresses, etc...


Hi, I have got a netgear router. I amend all my settings by typing into the main address...

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Changing ip address and how many ways can you change it?

Any way lets say a game blocked your ip address would restarting your modem change your ip address and allow you to access the game or will the game still block you because your still in the same range of your original ip also can a game block you through...


Follow excellent tutorial below that may help you to change IP address: http://www.ipaddresslocation...

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I have a private ip adress of sort 192.168. . how can i change this into public address for making a server .?

i am connected to an isp which provides me its private address. i dont have a router of my own and wanted to use the router of my isp for hosting server on my desktop. how can i change my private ip to public ip address . can i make my server accessible...


You need a pup. Ip add from your isp. Your add now will always be a internal ip

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How can I change my US IP address to a UK IP address?

I want to watch shows on and but you have to have a UK IP address. How can I get one?


Hiding your IP address to access geo restricted websites is now quite a common thing. Many people now...

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How can i change my IP address?

I have a public IP address. If i ever get IP banned here on yahoo answers,then what should i do? How can i change my IP address & use yahoo answers


you can get this without programs or disconnecting the net-connection. go to - there are...

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How can I change my IP address and MAC Address with a Router?

I need to change my IP because I got banned from a game (don't worry its some free game where you get banned for saying stupid stuff, freedom of speech there is like 0) I have Verizon FIOS and it is hooked up to my computer via a router, how can I get...


You cant. It is allocated automatically by the ISP dhcp server. You might be allocated a new one if...

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