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How can i change my e-mail adress in yahoo but not erase my account?

I want to change my e-mail adress for yahoo, but I don't know how. How can I keep my same account and not erase it?


I don't think that you can do that. Really, when you change you email address you are creating a new...

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How can I change the sound I hear when someone sends an IM in Yahoo Mail?

In Yahoo Mail, I can display a list of online contacts and can have conversations with them. I hear a sound when they message me but want to change it. I also have Yahoo Messenger, and can change the sounds there, but no change I make there affects the...


1. Open and sign into Yahoo! Messenger. 2. Open the Messenger Preferences window by selecting Preferences...

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How can I change my Yahoo! Mail into Yahoo! Mail Beta?

I had used Yahoo! Mail Beta, but then I changed it back into the usual Yahoo! Mail. Now I want to change it back into Yahoo! Mail Beta, but I can't do it. How can I change it into more


go back into yahoo mail and click switch to beta mail if you don't have it then you will have to upgrade...

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How can i change my default e-mail in windows to use yahoo mail in the registry when sending mail to a web sit?

i want to change my default mail from windows live hot mail to use yahoo mail when sending a e-mail in fire fox but in my internet settings it is not an option


(I saved two solutions, and can't remember which one I used for Windows 7.) The first one worked well...

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How do you change Yahoo mail back to the "old" yahoo mail..I don't like the new..can't even find my address bo?

There was a place to click to try "new" yahoo mail..I did it! Now, can't figure out how to go back to the "Old yahoo mail"..WHERE is the ADDRESS book in the new Yahoo? Sure confused me!

Answer:… HTH!

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How can I change the mail to yahoo mail instead of windows mail?

I have Microsoft Vista and when I click on mail icon at the top next to Home it brings up windows mail instead of yahoo mail. How do I change that. I am not good at things like that so please explain for dummies.


Sorry, unfortunately, Yahoo! as default email Does Not work under Windows Vista.

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How can I change my name on my outgoing mail on Yahoo?

I need some help.. I am following the directions online in order to change my name and its not working. Can some tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve copy and paste the directions from Yahoo help (below) Any suggestions would be much appreciated...


that's exactly what you do! i just followed these instructions and fixed it. Go to your mail page then...

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How can I change my Yahoo ID on Yahoo Answers to one of my alias' so people can IM me without seeing my e-mail?

So, when I enable people can IM me on my Yahoo Answers profile, it shows my Yahoo ID which is my e-mail. I have an alias for my messenger, that I use on Yahoo Games etc, and I would like to use that alias and make it appear under my IM on Answers instead...


I really do not think it does show that. On your profile here click public view of my profile . I am...

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How can I change my e-mail sevice from Yahoo 奇摩 to us normal mail service not change user I.D?

When I set up Yahoo e-mail account was with us Yahoo. than don't know how I did it, became Yahoo 奇摩(Taiwan) member service. All the information go to that site member. It's possible back to Unite State site with same sign in name??? Thank...


There is no way. IDs are unique throughout the world so even closing an account will not allow the ID...

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How can I change my yahoo mail 'sender' name?

I want to change the sender name received by others in yahoo mail. Some people are saying go to 'options' at the upper right corner and click 'general preferences' or 'mail addresses' but these options are not available in the current yahoo mail! How...


Changing how your name appears on your outgoing email. 1. Click "Options" in the upper-right...

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