How can I change my name?

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How can i change my name?

i have my dads last name but want my mums maiden name, theyre divorced but my mum still uses my dads for work and stuff. i tried a deed poll thing online which said it was free then said it cost £48 so left it is deed poll legal, or is there a way i can do it legally? and how much will is cost i'm looking to do it legally, like if i go to the council or something? how much will that be i don't mind doing by the deed poll thing, only if it's free or less than £20 but is it actually legal...


In England & Wales the law states that a person may call themselves by a different name without...

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How can I change my Victorian daughter's last name (Australia)? story short. Me and my partner have a gorgeous baby girl. Now, she has his last name as we are not married and I thought it crucial for her to carry on his family's name. Now our daughter is 13 months old...the problem: I didn't think...


H'mmm. Just change your surname to that of your child and partner. Easy fix.

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How can I change my first name and last name of my Yahoo email ID?

I want to change my first name and last name of my yahoo ID.But how? I do not like my last name and so I want to change it.I do not want to create a new ID.With this ID,how can I change it? If I click my account,I can change my password and not my last...


once you have given these details they cannot be changed,unfortunately if you want to change it then...

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How many times can you change your name on Facebook, and what counts as a name change?

Suppose you change your name and then want to change it back to your former name; does that count as a name change? I'm talking about your personal name, not your business/organization name.


On a business page - once

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How can my fiancee change her name?

Where can I find U.S. laws regarding name change after marriage? More specifically, my Japanese fiancee wants to keep her Japanese family name...what agency can I contact to question about this? This is kind of complicated, but here are the basics: I...


This might be a good start. Pertinent passage: State laws can regulate name changes in the United States...

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How can I change my name in my yahoo account. when I login,it says welcome "My last name".I want my first name

When ever I login into my yahoo account, it says "Welcome Singhai". Actually Singhai is my last name but I want my first name to display there. When I was openeing the new yahoo account, I mistakenly printed my last name as first name and vice...


It isn't hard to do. 1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account. 2. Click "My Account" at the top...

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How do I change my Facebook name after it says I can't anymore?

I've changed my middle name a few times on Facebook, and I tried changing it today and it said I can not change it anymore now. I changed it right the first time today but when I went to my profile it didn't change so I went back, tried again and it...


Wait 24 hours, it says on there it can take up to 24 hours to change so leave it and if it doesn't change...

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How come i can change my name in yahoo but when people receive my emails they see the previous name i put?

so wen i made this email account my name was al;dkjfaslkda or somethin like that because i was just tryn to make the account really fast. ive kept this one for some time now and i decided to change the name to my actual name. now wen i log into my yahoo...


You can change the FROM name or place one in for the first time by doing one of the following.. Click...

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I hate my name . How can I change it ? Help !?

My birth name is Eva Everly . (E-va) I really and truly hate my name and I've changed it many times . I've always felt so uncomfortable with it , it distracts and bothers me regularly . Right now , I've only changed my last name , and altered my first...


You really can't. You can try and convince people to start calling you that, and you can tell all your...

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How can i change the name that apears in the im box so others can't see my name i want to use an id name?

i just need to change the name i have in there to another name and i can' t work out how to change this info


in the main Y! Messenger window... *click Messenger>My Contact Details *type the name you want to...

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