How can I concentrate on my revision for exams?

Let’s learn how can I concentrate on my revision for exams. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to concentrate on revision for exams?

I just cant concentrate on revision can somebody plz give me some useful tips?


Everyone works in different ways so what works for one person might not work for you, but here are some...

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How to make revising for exams fun!?

Okay, so in a previous question i asked for any revision I tried some tips but I want revising to be fun because I get bored really easily and I lose concentration... I'm in year 8 and I'm I can't concentrate on things for very long...


We all learn in different ways. You need to find the way that works for you. After all you cannot revise...

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Will mental health screw up my exams?

I have OCD and anxiety and now I'm starting to feel pretty down and sleepy all the time because of it and my boyfriend gets angry and I don't talk to my parents or friends. It's having some effect on my revision, I'm feeling hopeless about it all and...


Yes it would drop to b. Try exercise,it releases anti depressants and makes you happier. Also try talkin...

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Exams!!! Getting really stressed!!!!!!!! Would really appreciate some help!!?

I've got exams in 2 weeks and I am really getting STRESSED!!!! It takes me a long time to concentrate and then I completely lose my focus!!! I do take breaks but it doesn't help me much, I say to myself to do 3 hours a day but I spend an extra 3 hours...


be cool... jst thnk that exam is nt all life wen u r stressed study as much as u can... but do it perfectly...

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My Granny just died and I can't concentrate to study?

Im really upset and I just can't concentrate but my exams are so important and very soon and i havent really got started on revision. I need help!


awww...bless you. As strange as it might seem Im going to suggest you don't think about your exams for...

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Poll - How to concentrate while revising?

Lately I have been spending about 6 hours a day revising, because of important exams. But I can't take anything in, its like I get so bored my brain just goes blank! Has anybody got any useful revision techniques that would help me concentrate better...


In my case, and it's not a joke, I'm drinking half a litter of beer when I need to focus. Hard to believe...

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University exams next week HELP!?

I am very unprepared and I feel like I don't know anything since I can't answer past paper questions. I got through other exams like A levels with revision starting a few days before but this time obviously theres too much to cover and remember in such...


Ach, for several years after I graduated I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was back in that...

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Has anyone got an revision tips?

I've got some exams next month at school for my GCSEs. I've got a maths, english and science exam. Maths is okay, because that is one of my favorite subjects and I have a tutor for that. English is good because my mum is an english teacher so she will...


I did GCSE's last year and for science I'd go on GCSE Bitesize, I thought this was a really good way...

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When should I begin my revision for my exams, and how should I revise for them?

It's early March, I've just finished my March examinations: Additional Chemistry and Maths Module 2. I'm currently in Year 11 - I have as of today received my examination time-table for June 2011; where I have all of my final module exams and possible...


The sooner you start revising, the better! I done my GCSE's last year and i regret not doing my revision...

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How can a child achive good marks,if he is not able to concentrate on his studies before his exams.?

The child have 2 tutions of Maths and science.His parents are doing jobs and he studies all the day even before the exams but he achives nothing but only the wastage of time as he is not able to concentrate at what he is studing and keep wandering of...


He probably has a fixable learning disability. Ask the school to test him for free. If they won't help...

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