How can I connect my Shareaza?

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Index Forums; Home ... Why can't Shareaza find any ... but it suddenly stopped and cannot connect to any sources. My download is finished but Shareaza won't move it ...

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Why cant Imesh , Shareaza or Bear Share connect to the internet?

Ive downloaded all three but none of them can connect to the internet? Thanks in advance :)


Either your browsers security settings are blocking them or there is a good HOSTS file installed which...

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Is edonkeyserver No.2 on shareaza down?

For like three days i havent been able to connect to edonkeyserver No.2 on shareaza,does anyone know if it is down or has been shut down?


Here in China also can't connect

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Have multiple yahoo IDs ..none will connect need help?

For some reason cannot connect to yahoo with any of my ids. not sure why. any suggestions? cant get shareaza or limewire either..Could it be a firewall situation?


I don't think you are allowed to have multiple accounts and that is why they are not connecting.

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How can I use 2 Wireless Royters to Connect my Xbox 360 To xbox live?

My xbox 360 wireless network adapter just broke so I can't connect to xbox live anymore and at the moment I cannot afford a new one. I would like to know how I can connect my Xbox 360 to my computer (With internet connection) so I can connect to xbox...


It sounds like the second router has lost connection to the primary router. My first suggestion would...

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How Can I Remotely Connect to My Work PC from Home?

Currently we are able to connect remotely to our own desktops as long as we're in the building and on the network. Increasingly I find myself in a position where my responsibilities are great and the time allotted to complete them is minimal. I just...


Take the IT guys to lunch. Otherwise, your out of luck and have to stick around the office later to...

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How can I connect to the internet? Time Warner cable modem can connect but not through router.?

I have a Linksys WRT160N router and am using a Mac Air laptop and cannot connect to the internet. I can connect when wired to modem. Time Warner tech reset router to original settings and now I cannot connect.


You have to re-configure your router. For this connect the WAN port of the router to your computer....

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How can i use external dial up modem ,that it connect to my LAN network ?.( without extra computer)?

I have 2 computers in location A and standard pstn line ( NOT DSL LINE ) in location B . location B is far from location A. there is no computer in location B . i want connect to the internet by dial up connection from location A . i can use a wireless...


Here you go : 3COM 3C891A-US OfficeConnect ISDN LAN Modem

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I dont have hdmi port in my pc so how can i connect my pc to big lcd tv?

hi every one i wanna ask u guys that i have a new pc but i don't have hdmi port into that so can any one please let me know how to connect my pc to big lcd tv, i want to connect my pc with hdmi to lcd so do i need any devise or anything can some one...


If your PC has a DVI port, it will work with HDTV HDMI. The two can be connected with a DVI-to-HDMI...

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Why does storytelling connect two minds or two groups of people? How can storytelling help startups connect with their customers?

I have seen whenever someone shares a story with somebody, it helps them connect together. They become good friends or you can say they come closer to each other. I wanted to know how does it happen? And how this storytelling can help startups to connect...


We are pannarrans (is anyone better at Latin than me the storytelling ape is what I'm going for) Everything...

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