How can I connect my ps3 to my imac?

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Can I connect My PS3 to my iMac?

I just bought a PS3. I don't have a HD TV, so I can't appreciate the quality graphics and features of my system. But, I have an iMac (24 inch). Is there an adaptor or something? I don't want a program, just an adaptor. PLEASE! CALLING ALL NERDS. and APPLE PRODUCT GURUS! =O


Try a Hdmi to Mini DVI. Or HDmi To Mini HDMI if you have a mini hdmi. But your computer must support...

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Can i connect my ps3 to my 27 inch imac?

I just recently purchased a macbook pro and im thinking of switching it to an imac instead. The only concern I have is would I be able to connect my PS3 on the 27 inch imac and play more


Yes, with an eyetv, you can use gsme consoles on an iMac.

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Connect ps3 to imac 21,5?

ok, so i have a ps3, but no tv. i have a imac 21,5 inches. i would like to connect my ps3 to my imac in order to play call of duty on my imac screen. i would like to know which wires i have to buy to do so. also, once it is connected, is it like a tv...


All that took was a simple Google search!… http://bigmacky...

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Is there any way I could connect my Ps3 to my iMac so I could play on it's screen?

My Tv recently broke. So I have no where to play. I was thinking if there is a way for me to connect my Ps3 to my iMac desktop so I could play on it. I've heard people tell me i'm going to need something called an EyeTv 250 plus but I haven't been able...


You need a HDMI cable

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The Wireless on the PS3 sucks....!!?

Ok guys.. here what happen i got 2 computer Imac-macbook pro with these 2 i can connect to the net without any problem my Ipod and Iphone as well.. but the PS3.. gosh..!! WTF..!! why does it suck so much my modem is like 50 cm from my PS3 and i cant...


Sounds like you have lousy internet service.

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Ps3 display on imac computer?

hello i am trying to connect my ps3 to my imac so that the imac could be the display for the ps3(dont have television) i was wondering if it is possible and if it is what would i need? ps. if wirelesly doing this is possible please put it in along with...


It will depend on your particular iMac and its available connections. The Kanex supports several iMac...

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Ps3 won't obtain my ip address?

i have an iMac and it has a wireless router built inside and when i try and connect for ps3 online, it times out and can't obtain my ip address, help?


Your iMac DOES NOT have a wireless router built-in.

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What is a good ps3 gaming monitor?

I want to get a gaming monitor for my ps3, preferably 24" or more. I also want to use the monitor as a second screen for my iMac so it needs to connect to both. I also have a more


You should purchase "ASUS VH239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD 2ms LCD Monitor". Its cost $165.99. You...

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How to connect a ps3 to a monitor with hdmi.?

I have figured out how to connect a ps3 to a monitor and posting this to other people who need help. I am using a hp monitor 2311x and works with every other monitors who still have a HDMI port. Step 1: Go on your ps3 to a regular tv that works. Step...


FAKE, you need a controller. and do you get sound...

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Why can't my ps3 connect to the playstation network?

Ok, so ever since we got crappyass telus, my internet has been exremely slow. So i wanted to play ps3. I had to do a new connection settings since i had a different internet. So i configured all the settings on my PS3 and i pressed test connection. It...


Try to see the connection type of your router. The type of connection may not be compatible with PS...

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