How can I convert the query from SQL to LINQ?

Let’s learn how can I convert the query from SQL to LINQ. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How to convert the SQL query into LINQ?

I am new to LINQ. Can anyone please help me convert the following SQL query to LINQ? SELECT Date,ShiftName,Max(Score) AS Score, 1 AS IsPreferred FROM Temp_Nurse_Fill_RequestNumbers group by ShiftName,date


from t in Temp_Nurse_Fill_RequestNumbers group by t.ShiftName, into g select new { Date =

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Can you try the below query : var q = from table in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             select table; if(a...

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What is the best way to convert JSON to an SQL Query?

I will give a json object it should convert it to a sql query based on the data.


First you'll have to explain what the query is supposed to achieve.

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Is there a way to use a While within a SQL Union query?

I have the following SQL query. I need to have a WHILE loop in the second half. I can't break the query into two queries, because the queries are in a SSRS report, and need to be in the same table. I get an error where the WHILE is. Is there any way...


Look at Recursive CTE (Common Table Expressions), which is supported from SQL Server 2005.

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XML to Dictionary through LINQ?

Hello, I'm trying make a dictionary pairing from 3 things in an XML file. The first item and key of the dictionary is a string, the value is a decimal which will be the result of a price element times a quantity element. Here is my LINQ query thus far...


Look here… Hope it helps

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Need PHP code to convert a boolean search string into SQL

Well, after banging my head against the wall for a while, and thinking this will require a regular expression or a few (which are mindbending to me) I thought I'd see if someone here might be able to whip something up for this. We have a search form...


trancecan-ga, I have written an include file so you can easily add this functionality to your code...

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methods or products to query objects?

What are some "end user" products (preferably open source) or methodologies that allow complex queries of objects? I want to allow both programmers and non-programmers to be able to access the data. The data is currently organized in such a...


Crystal Reports

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Need to convert MySQL query to Oracle

Table #1 contains Things: an id (integer) and name (string) Table #2 contains Locks: an id of a Thing (, a lock group ( and a specific lock (Locks.lock). Each Thing may have 0 or more Locks associated with it. A user has a set of...


Hi, raymond99-ga: You posted a "MySQL query" as follows: SELECT DISTINCT Things.* FROM Things...

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Sql drop down menu question?

Hi i was just wondering if anyone knew how to generate a drop down menu with sql. The section of code i have that has to be changed is <div> <span class="bold">Choose a lecturer:</span><br> <?php // note...


echo " <option>$thisLecturer</option>";

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SQL Help Writing an Update Query?

I've got a table named Customers in Database Access. I want to Update one of my fields (Username) to show the first initial of the first name + last name + customer id. I was told something about using a function called CSTR to convert a number to a...


WRONG! NEVER mix these in one field. It totally destroys the effectiveness of the database. The rule...

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