How can I create new funny pictures?

Let’s learn how can I create new funny pictures. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Audio-Video Production.

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How can I create an effect of pictures like an album

I am using Vegas Pro 10 and I can't find a (good) way to make pictures flying through the screen. Well, it's a little bit difficult to describe but what I am thinking of is a screen, where you can see small pictures coming from the background and growing to the middle of the screen, these pictures come in sequence und after it reaches a certain size it fades away. (A little bit like a Picture Gallery). So there is also a little bit of an 3D-Effect included. Maybe the best comparable situation is...


Vegas Pro 10 has two features that could help you out. Either using the Track Motion feature for the...

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Can't Create a New Folder in Pictures Library (Windows 7)?

I've got Windows 7 and while organizing photos I tried to create a new folder without success. This is in the Library called Pictures (in the Documents folder): The first thing I noticed was that there wasn't a "new folder" button. So, then...


Hi, you cannot create anything in Library except another library .you have to make folder in inside...

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How do you change the folders pictures are in + How do you create new folders on the kindle fire gallery app?

I have been trying to move pictures from the downloaded folder to my pictures folder on My kindle fire and want to make my Alaska cruise pictures in a whole new folder. Is that possible, and if it is how do I do it?


Connect the device to the computer and then, add the new folder for the device.... Good luck!

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How can I create a pictures recommendation system?

I have an app which provides wallpapers to users. They can choose the picture they like. To make the system more clever, the user can "like" the picture if they love this picture. So how can I create a pictures recommendation system? I only...


This is a classic collaborative filtering problem. You have so-called "implicit" data, as...

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How can I create a collage of pictures for my room?

I have one wall that is about 4ft by 8ft (4ft wide, 8ft high if you didn't know) and I would like to put a collage of pictures on that wall, maybe 2-3feet wide, and 4ft high. One of those things, with the crosses that you can put pictures underneath...



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How can you create a myspace layout using mutiple pictures??

how can you create a myspace layout using mutiple pictures?? i want to make one like a collage or something.


I would suggest you find a layout you like, put that in your profile, then search photobucket for pictures...

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How can I create this effect on my pictures for my website?

I am creating a website, which is about Sheffield and the Peak District. I am making a picture to use as the main picture on the website. Basically, I have two pictures, one taken in Sheffield, and one taken in the Peak District. I want to put both pictures...


Adobe Fireworks: How to fade one image into another:

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How do i create a page on Tumblr where i can post pictures of me on my blog?

I wanted to have a separate page that would appear as a link on my blog in which i could post pictures, and probably call it Me, myself and I, but i wanted to be able to keep posting images onto this page as apposed to maybe only being able to do it...


Put these links in your description; <a href='/tagged/me'>Me, Myself and I</a> And then...

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Can I create a new album on my iphone without downloading my pictures to my PC?

is there a way to create an album on the phone and transfer pictures into it from the phone without having to download it to the PC and sync



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How can I create a memorial website, that will allow people to post comments and memories and pictures?

I'd like to create a memorial website for a close friend who recently died. I'd like people to be able to post text, and also perhaps pictures. I've found this Quora thread, which has some ideas, but it's a couple of years old and might not reflect the...


Have you seen the disqus comment box system?  I started using it recently and it allows people to post...

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