How can I eat when I am disgusted by food?

Let’s learn how can I eat when I am disgusted by food. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Eating Disorders | Here to Help

Learn more about eating disorders, ... distressed, disgusted, guilty or depressed after eating. ... limiting how much food you eat can cause a lot of serious ...

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Why do I think about food and myself like this?

All I can ever think about is how fat I am. I can't stop comparing myself to other people, wishing I could be skinny like them. I used to tell my friends this and they would tell m I am skinny, but I quit saying things because I felt like they were only...


The reason why you think of food all the time is because you are not giving it the amount of food it...

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My uncle coughs on the food when he cooks?

I think he has dry cough or what ever you call it, but I am very disgusted.. He doesnt cover his mouth(which should be with his arm) and he doesn't look away or turn his head away from the food and this is so nasty… He's a cheif, and he cooks...


"Accidentally" cough in his food.

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Am I the only one who gets annoyed by somebody sniffing their food?!?

This drives me absolutely crazy!!! When I say sniffing, I don't mean opening a pot of soup or opening an oven of brownies and enjoying the aroma. I mean, somebody who takes their fork/spoon (with food on it) and brings it to their nose to smell it before...


I have only encountered this one time and it made me want to kill that girl. Short story, I cooked a...

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Why do I get so disgusted when I see over weight people at fast food places or buffets?

I think I am a good person, but I feel really bad about this tendency I have of being disgusted and appalled when I see obese people at fast food restaurants and buffets, and they are not getting the "healthier options". But instead, going...


I too get disgusted when I see this. In fact, at our local china buffet .. I see all kinds of freaks...

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A person’s life is full of dreams. Dream can be about one’s ambition which he gets fulfilled...

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How can I get my dog to eat?

I have a 2yr old male GSD who is an EXTREMELY finicky eater. He has no health problems, but his picky eating has led him to lose quite a bit of weight. He weighs roughly 65lbs. He has a very slender, feminine build, but it's still pretty obvious that...


Take him to the vet so the vet can run some tests. There may be an underlying medical problem, as it...

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Do u eat the food of the fast food still? or the documentary "super size me" do u have disgusted?

in Matera an italian city , mcdonalds dams after 2 months because nobody bought that food


the documentary super size me was a put-up job and a very bad one at that.that said I can not eat at...

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