How can I email to a fax machine?

Let’s learn how can I email to a fax machine. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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The computer enables us to rely less on paper and be more efficient in our use of printers and faxes...

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How can you send a fax from a fax machine to an email address?

My office has a traditional fax machine hooked up to the phone line. I want to know if it's possible to send a fax from that machine and receive it via email. I'd prefer it if this could be done without buying a new fax machine. Ideally I'd like some...


I do exactly what you're asking about all the time, but maybe one better. I use a service from FaxLogic...

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How can I send an email from a web page (email or form) to an actual fax machine?

I am not looking for a fax that goes to email. Basically, I want to accept orders from a website that will go to a fax machine because I do have email on site.


Hi, I think your best choice is using online faxing services. They are really cheap and once you sign...

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How can my email be forwarded automatically to my fax machine?

i need all my emails to be sent automatically to a fax machine. How can i do that?


don't know about but you might have a friend SMS message your fax number and see what happens...

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How do I forward email to a fax machine with no phone line?

Currently when others send me a fax from their fax machine it is forwarded to my email and I would like to have an email copy of it as well as have a copy print out on the fax machine. The fax machine is connected to the network but it is not connected...


If you have access to a printer you don't need the fax machine to print whatever is in your computer...

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Where can i find a Fax to Email machine?

I receive alot of faxes...I need something that will automatically send my faxes to me through my email account. Now I know you can get online services that offer this. I'm looking for a one off buy a machine that does this for me.


it's not so much a machine but an internet service. These are very handy if you are looking to send...

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You can do this with eFax, you will get your faxes on your email as an attachement. You will get an...

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Fax to email VS conventional fax machine! What's better?

Still have my old fax machine, but I have noticed a few websites which offer this "fax to email' service. I am considering trying it out but is it really better?


John, It's a completely different animal. 1. you can now receive anywhere there is internet. 2. no long...

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EMail pdf file to FAX machine?

Some of the agencies I work with are very behind technologically. They request long documents from us but won't accept them via email - they only want them FAXed the old fashioned way. This is a huge waste of paper, since I might print a 12 page report...


you can convert your pdf file to word. then fax.... Fax machine to read word fle. Advanced PDF To Word...

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Yes, most fax machines have this capability!

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