How can I get Google off my Yahoo home page?

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how do I turn off google as my home page? | Yahoo Answers

I have gone to tools, internet options, and changed it to, but google overides it as soon as I log off. I have not been able to find ...

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Help! My homepage is google, I don't have google. How do I get my Yahoo Home Page back permantly?

My homepage suddenly went to google instead of yahoo. I don't have google and never did. I can get my Yahoo homepage back by typing in "yahoo homepage" under google more


open your internet browser. for firefox, go to the "tools" tab and click it. Then choose options...

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To make ANY page your home page do the following. First go to the page you want to be your home page...

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At the top of your browser - Click on "Tools" Click "Internet Options" Type in ...

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Yahoo is suppose to be my home page but I have to go through google chrome to get to my yahoo I want my yahoo?

I want my yahoo home page back but it wont let me click internet explora and get yahoo. can you help me


go to then where you see its says yahoo(in purple) above that you will see a link that...

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Virus: I refresh Yahoo home page to update and still get new one. Deleted files many times. HELP. Try google?

I have deleted cookies, internet files. I'm OK with a week or so "frozen" on last page used if that's what it takes to avoid new page, but surely must be a way to get at home what automatically comes up with older system at work. Or should...


Sounds more like Spyware, not a virus. Many Antivirus programs do not remove spyware. Fortunately, there...

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Click on tools, then internet options, then general tab you will see where yahoo is your home page,...

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How can I have a yahoo e-mail + access to answers w/o the Yahoo home page?

I know I could go through google or something. I just want to get into yahoo e-mail, or yahoo answers and not have the Yahoo home page with all the news all the time. Anyone more


maybe you could try putting something else on your homepage or ask yahoo to take it out for you

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How can I get an old version of yahoo toolbar? The one that worked perfect before yahoo's infamous improvement

Since I downloaded the new 'improved' version of yahoo toolbar when I close my browser I get a message that IE has encountered a problem and need to close. Very annoying. When I uninstall the toolbar the problem goes away. The old original 'unimproved...


This is the new upgrade they did. Look on your email page and it will say "What’s New"...

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How do i return yahoo as my home page?

Google keeps coming up as my home page. I want yahoo as my home page. How do I get to the yahoo tool bar to install yahoo as my home page?


Open your browser, click Tools, Internet Options. There you will see what your homepage is set and you...

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