How can I get a Car License?

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I'm 20 -- How To Get A License and A Car?

How should I go about this? I'm 20 years old, live in the state of Missouri, have no driving experience, and I have no car. I was told by my General Manager that she would set up a meeting for me to become a Manager but I would first need a car, and of course, a license. So, now I'm hellbent on attaining my license and buying a car, so I can keep moving forward in life. However, I have no guidance in how I should do this. I just got my permit about a week ago. I don't know where to go to from here...


I think your best bet would be to review your states insurance and driving laws. Your local DOL should...

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How can I get a license if I don't have a car to insure with SR 22 insurance?

I am not capable of driving. My husbands license was revoked between 2005 and 2006 in Illinois.To have it reinstated, he says he was told he had to have SR 22 insurance in that state. We now live in Reno, Nevada. Does that demand still apply, or is it...


Its going to cost a lot more money than you think you can get a sr22 non owner policy you also have...

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How i can get Used Car Dealer License?

I would like to know if any one can help me or show me right path how i can get used car dealer license, Most of the auction places or need for bid you have to Dealer License. I live in California State. Thanks for help. I can provide more information...


You don't need a lot, most small time dealers buy a few cars and sell them from home. All it takes is...

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How can I get short term car insurance (6 months) using my International driving license?

My girlfriend is interning for 6 months at Iowa currently. She plan to rent a car for her period of stay. Though the insurance provided by the car rental company is very high at 4k/6 months (The cost of renting the car for 6 months is also 4k). Is there...


Try this site where you can compae quotes from different companies //INSURECOMPAREQUOTES.US@

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How can you get a car in ur name without a license?

Is there a way my bf can buy a car and just put it in his name and let it sit outside his house til he gets a license right now he studying the book to get his license its for more


A drivers license is * NOT * required to buy a car. A drivers license is only required to DRIVE a car...

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How can I get car liability insurance without USA drivers' license?

I am a foreign citizen and we would like to buy a car in San Francisco for a cross country trip. The only problem seems to be the car liability coverage insurance, which is obligatory to have when driving. How the others do, who make such trip? Are there...


Where is the car going to be registered? You can't buy a car in the US, and register and insure it to...

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How can i get my new car license plate?

So i'm shipping my car in the us to europe(hungary), i want to know how can i change the license plate to a European one instead of American and what else must i do or register so that i can drive it in EU?(soz if u dont understand :P)


Get in touch with the Hungarian embassy in Washington or a consulate and see if they have any info on...

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How many people want driver's license's but aren't legible then when they get a car they can't handle duties?

people always talk about how they can't wait to get their license's and their cars but they can't handle the fixed expenses that come with it.


World wide? One particular country? A state? You can't just ask 'how many' without setting some parameters...

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How can i get liability car insurance in OK when i cant get a drivers license?

i cant get a license because OK DMV tells me i have outstanding warrants in CO


You can't get insurance to drive legally if you can't legally drive... and if you plan on breaking a...

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How can i get the name of the person who hit my car i've only got the license plates?

i know its a women but i've only got the license plates of that car


Due to the numerous privacy laws, the primary law being a federal law, the Drivers Privacy Protection...

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