How can I get a job as a Bridal Retail Sales Associate?

Let’s learn how can I get a job as a Bridal Retail Sales Associate. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I use my retail sales skills to get a better job?

I've got two years retails sales experiene, but $13 an hour is not paying the bills. How can I use my retail sales experience to get a better paying positiion in a new career


Perhaps you could use your retail sales experience to move into direct sales or another type of sales...

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Retail/sales job,How do I get a retail/sales job without experience, what job agencies do I contact?

Hello I am a uni student and looking for a retail/sales job,I haven't got any experience on sales/retail,I have worked in a few restaurants before as a waiter. I have had few interviews at tesco/asda so far but got rejected,I just want to get into a...


You should be able to get a retail role based on your customer service experience in restaurants. If...

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Can you get a job in sales/retail/customer service if you have no experience?

I am interested in working in sales/retail but I have no experience. I don't know if I can get a job in that field because I am shy but I don't think I'll be afraid to more


You will get all jobs you can earn thousands of dollars after joining this site, this is very genuine...

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How to get a job(sales associate)at Express?

I'm trying for that job next week.Any advice about the interview,meaning what to wear and what questions will they ask and also how to be a good sales associate on the floor-what more


Buy an outfit from there and wear it. All I know is at the Express at my mall they knock on the damn...

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How can i get sales experience for a job?

Im applying for a sales associate job at best buy and this is my first job but in order to get the job i need experience and i have NONE! Is there any place i could go to (in miami, more


Offer to sleep with your employer. If you give good head, experience will not matter.

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How old do you have to be to get a job as a sales associate at Bath & Body Works?

And how much does the job pay? If you had that job once, how was it? Thank you very much :)


You generally have to be 15 or 16 but it can depend on the State that you work in. Each state has different...

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Can I get a part time sales associate job at 15?

Hi! I'm a 15 year old girl, and I have no former job experience. However, I'd like to get a summer job. There is a local boutique that I absolutely love, and they are always more


Just walk in there and ask for an application. Boutiques don't hire very often because they are small...

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How hard is it to get sales associate job at Panera Bread?

I already had my first interview with Panera Bread and i don't know if i'm gonna get a call for a 2nd interview. How hard is it to get job at Panera Bread??? I already more


they have to actually have a job opening first of all

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How can an MBA student get a sales job?

Sales is one of the critical functions in running small businesses. How does an MBA student with some (< 1 year) prior sales experience demonstrate value to the business and join its sales force?


AWESOME that you're seeking out sales experience.  You're right, it's an invaluable skill set to have...

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Shoplifted before, can i get a job in retail sales?

i got cited for shoplifting at rave when i was 14. that was the only time i did it, obviously i wasnt good, and got caught, it was a mistake. now i am 17, ready to get a job, and am more


My friend shoplifted while he was in college. Now he works in an investment firm. My uncle tried to...

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