How can I get a e-mail account?

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Can't create a New email account at with a Live ...

I’m trying to create a new email address for my friend on her new Windows 8 Laptop. When I go to the “create an account” webpage, the option ...

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I get an email from yahoo-account-services-my@cc.y… that subject Account Will Be Closed! what i do?

contect of that mail if follows --- On Fri, 10/23/09, Yahoo! Account Service <… wrote: From: Yahoo! Account Service <… Subject: Account Will Be Closed!...


This is a known phishing scam attempting to get you to give them all your personal info. It's not from...

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1997,The Internet,Yahoo,Emailing was young. I opened 2 Yahoo email accounts with a fake(funny) name as i thought at the time,everyone did. 2004,years of using my Yahoo email accounts everyday,never a problem. One day i got a 'phishing' email, a fraud...


Wow, I hope you can get a hold of someone at Yahoo. That exact same thing happened to my roomate. He...

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My account deleted on facebook bymistakely i used same email . is any way i can get that old account back ?

my account deleted on facebook bymistakely i used same email . is any way i can get that old account back ? hi my name is sachin and i have one quick qustion to you please help me , i was creating another facebook account for my wife and i used same...


We don't currently offer a way to merge two accounts. We recommend downloading the information you've...

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How to get email account corrected?

I switched from an sbcglobal email account to a account when I changed internet providers. The switch was automated and transferred my email over from sbc but now I am not getting new messages. The new Yahoo email account works because I can...


The thing to do is close your old email account.

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How to get google drive access to invites sent to a linked email account

I get google drive document invites sent to my work email, and I can't access them through my gmail account, even though I've successfully linked the two addresses in my primary google account. Any ideas? But I have been so accepting of our benevolent...


No, not create a new account, but sign into both your GMail account and your work account in different...

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How do I get 2 email accounts to go to one email account?

Ok, I have 2 email accounts because 1 email account is for people on my website to send me questions (or comments) to me in that email and the other email account is for business stuff like school (and my friends). I want to know how to get 2 email accounts...


Those two accounts are considered primary email accounts. There presently is no way to combine them...

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Help! Can't get password to SECOND Yahoo email account; I have access to only the first (main) account.?

I type in my second, recently-created email account name on the sign-in page. Since I can't recall my password, I'm taken to a page that gives me the option of only finding my Yahoo ID, which I already know, and not a way to find the new password for...


remember to sign on with the 2 Nd email address, then you will get the information.

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Can i get emails received in one email account forward onto another email account?

i have 2 yahoo email accounts and in the first email account i receive emails from a particular group of people which would be far more convenient to receive these particular emails into the second email account. Is it possible to do this without advising...


Yes of course you would have to forward them to the 2nd email address your self I use to do this all...

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Can i set up my Yahoo email address so when i get an email it will redirect to a different yahoo email account

i just want to set up my email account so when i get an email it will automatically redirect or at least notify my other email account... i use one way more than the other but need to use both regularly...


Email Notification And Retrieval Program Install Eprompter Free this program will...

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