How can I get a tourist visa to Finland?

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Finland Visa: Application, Requirements. Apply for Finnish ...

Finland tourist visa is not required for citizens of United States of America for a stay up to 90 days.

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Very likely you need also a visa. More information here:

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How can i get Finland visitor visa from London ?

my self uday patel i have uk student visa and i will going uk after five days but now i want to go finland as a tourist from london so how can i get visa to finland from london ?


That depends on your nationality, if you need a visa, visit the Finnish embassy in London. Look at the...

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How do I get a long stay tourist visa for australia for 12 months? and could my baby travel on the same visa?

I spent a year in Australia on a working holliday visa, where i met my boyfriend (who is Australian). We don't think that we'll be able to get a partner visa, and don't really want to get married straight away, so we were thinking our best option might...


12 month tourist visas are not easy to come by and you are required to show that you have sufficient...

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I'm an American in Korea trying to get a tourist visa to China. How can I do so?

My Korean wife and I are trying to go to China for work. The work Visa is in her name, as I'm finishing my Bachelor's online. However, on the work permit, they did not include me as a spouse, and when we arrived at Incheon airport Thursday, we were turned...


I can't answer any of your questions about the Korean aspect. However, yes, your passport may be submitted...

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Want to get Tourist Visa USA HELP?

As the title says I want to get a Tourist Visa to get into the US. I currently am residing in Mexico. I am a student in 11th grade going into my last year of high school and turning 18 this October. I used to live in the US from ages 6-14 with my family...


CPG covers most of the immigrant options pretty well. however, he didn't mention one other very real...

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How do I get a 30 day Sri Lanka tourist visa and a tourist visa extension?

I am a British citizen and going to Sri Lanka for 34 days as a tourist. I understand that I can enter Sri Lanka as a tourist for 30 days and can get this visa at Colombo airport upon arrival. Can I also get the tourist visa extension at Colombo when...


Gob to the nearest Sri Lanka Embassy and apply for visa then when your in Sri Lanka go to the immigration...

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How quickly can I get a USA Tourist Visa, from India?

Ok, so I need a US Tourist Visa (B2) by mid-April 2012. Am I late to get a visa? I know about all the documents needed and everything. I've never been rejected any visa of any country in my life. I also got a UK Visa (2 years ago, but now its expired...


You should start the application process immediately. The regular waiting time for a visa interview...

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Steps to get a tourist visa for Dubai?

Okay so I'm a Pakistani guy and I practically spent my life in Dubai and now I have been in America for over a year. I am feeling really homesick and would like to go back after a couple of months, for 2 months at least and stay with some friends. Now...


Two options you get 1- Your friend request for visit visa upon his employer 2- Your friend can request...

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How do I get my pakistan visa in Asia? India wont let me and i have tourist visa?

Ok so the Pakistan embassy in India says I cant get my Pakistan visa in India I have to go to the usa to get it. Im in India and not planning going back to the usa for a while. I called up Pakistan embassy in the usa and the guy said that is ridicilous...


After 9/11 the US tightened it's visa regime for most Islamic countries making it extremely difficult...

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