How can I get extra notifications on YouTube?

Let’s learn how can I get extra notifications on YouTube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is there a way I can get Google+ to stop e-mailing me my YouTube notifications?

I can already see all my notifications on YouTube. Is there a way I can stop them from sending them to my e-mail inbox?


How to turn off Youtube email notifications (video)

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Do youtube channel owners get notifications of comments that are replies to other commenters on their videos?

In case you didn't understand my question, which was a mouthful, I'll attempt to illustrate what I'm asking. Channel owner uploads a video about, I dunno, cats. Someone with the username of "dogs-rulz"comments on the video. (channel owner usually...


Yeah. I don't see the point though.

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To get an email notification when a new video is released in YouTube go to my subscriptions then hover...

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Trouble with iPad 2 iOS 5 notifications?

I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 5 & ever since I only get notifications for Skype. I went to settings & made sure notifications were on for Facebook, eBuddy, & a few other apps in the task bar, I've also tried the pop-up but I still wont get notifications...


update those apps or just reinstall them cuz maybe u have versions that won't work with ios5 just update...

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Is my YouTube Account Hacked?

today when i wantted to sign in to my youtube account i entered my username which is my google account and my password and i got Do you already have a YouTube Account? Yes. Add YouTube to my Google Account. Enter your YouTube username and password to...


It very well could be...If your suspected account is an '05 or '06 account that would be motive for...

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The notifications won't go away on my HTC Droid Eris.... help?

i just go the HTC Droid Eris on tuesday and i have 2 error notifications on my phone from youtube. it says that there was a problem with my password for two accounts. i went through the prompts and it says my password is wrong. but i can get on youtube...


Could be related to the 2.1 update- the update has some bugs in it, so lots of Erises have needed to...

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Why does youtube not refresh my subscribers or views?

I get notifications of Gmail saying that I got a new subscriber .. So I check my youtube and it still says I have the same amount before the new sub.? :( why This always happens.. It more


They refresh it every 1-3 days. Depending on where you look. For instance: In the dashboard it loads...

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Good ways to get more views on youtube videos?

Hi, plz help me get some more views & subscribers. My youtube username is: WVSuspect Here are some of my videos, the quality is awful but im guna sort it soon when i get a proper mic.


done! good luck

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Youtube to CD? Best way to get best quality? (Revised)?

I just asked this question, but I didn't get quite the answer I was looking for. I suppose I wasn't being specific enough. I know the best quality mp3 is 320kbs, and that AAC is better than mp3, but my more specific question is: I have the program atube...


Try VLC Media Player

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