How can I get my picture in friendster?

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What about the picuter in my friendster?

i want to get all my picture there in my friendster


1 Visit the Friendster Web site (see Resources below) and sign in by entering your email address and...

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How can i get my picture in friendster?

if the friendster change to a game online


There is provision for that you are on line with the friendster you still get your picture where you...

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Adding profile photos varies little from site to site and all you really have to know is the correct...

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Why my picture in facebook get blurry?and the Friendster too?

what way that it will return to normal (clear images)


normally, its because its a set size and your trying to enlarge it too much so its becomes all pixelated...

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My wife hates friendster and myspace, anything that communicates other people...!?

i am working working away from her, and every time she knew i opened my friendster account she really get mad. she don't want me to look at other girls picture? is this cheating watching picture whom people i don't know?


she is just jealous and insecure try to take to her and give her some assurance

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How to get a picture of my spit screen TV. Panasonic. Get a picture on one side fuzz on the other..?

I am able to split the screen and have a picture on one size and only fuzz on the other side. It displays a channel number and no picture. I also have PIP and when I press that button there is no change in the screen @ all. I have a cable box and a DVR...


Dorothy you only have a single tuner tv so unless you have another tuner or use cable & an antenna...

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Purse with picture ID was STOLEN -- got a paper replacement ID with no picture, can I still get into bars?

I am just at my wit's end. My purse was stolen last night - with my driver's license and state ID in it! My debit card, keys, and phone was stolen, too. I have been going out my mind all day canceling my cards, phone, and trying to get replacements....


Most every bar, especially with young people, would never consider accepting this as an ID. There is...

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When I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, how do I get my saved files to show up in my "Picture" folder?

1. I upload and get photos on my computer, and when I go to click on them, it says: JPG file 2. I open one of those pictures in Adobe photoshop CS3, edit it, and save it. It usually saves as a psd file 3. I go to my "Picture" folder to see...


All you have to do is make sure that your path from where you are saving it is directed to your Picture...

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Why do I get a clearer picture from my anteena on the roof then I get from DISH satellite?

Our new lcd tv receives a better picture from the roof anteena because it receives channels in analog, digital & hd. The digital & hd picture looks great. The analog looks like crap. The analog picture is what we receive using or DISH satellite...


The Answer is Compression of signal. Dish Network and Direct Tv compress the Digital signal , that's...

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What should i have my tv picture settings at to get the best picture for gaming?

i have heard that some tv's have a "video game mode" but mine does not so can anyone help me adjust my picture settings that work best for gaming i do have a HDMI cable hooked up to my tv from my ps3 but i believe i can get a better picture...


Rather than playing with the settings manually, I would just change your picture mode, until you find...

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