How can I get tickets to the 2008 AFL Grand Final?

Let’s learn how can I get tickets to the 2008 AFL Grand Final. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You'd have to be really lucky by winning a competition for them . Not being a member you have no chance...

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Euro 2008 FMT tickets where do i get my quaterfinal tickets?

I have FMT tickets to all the Portugal games. If Portugal qualifies to the Quarterfinals...where can i exchange my vouchers for tickets. I cant seem to find the brochure that came with the tickets. I know I have to pick up the tickets in a Ticket Exchange...


You can check the Euro2008 website:… http://support...

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Wanting to buy 2008 AFL grand final tickets?

Hey is there any1 that is wanting to sell 2x 2008 AFL grand final tickets for some unlucky Geelong Cats members who have missed out 2 years in a row?


One word - eBay.

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Does anyone know how to get tickets for Disneyland's Halloween 2008?

Ok, so the website's saying that the tickets for Halloween night are all sold out. Are there any other (legitimate) sites I can get the tickets at? I know it is going on during other nights too but I want to go on the actual night of Halloween. My boyfriend...


Ebay is not a legitimate place to buy tickets. Besides the fact that it is illegal, you never go if...

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How do I get tickets for the EURO 2008 qualifier on Aug 22, 2007, Belgium verses Serbia in Brussels?

I've looked everywhere on the internet for a way to get tickets. My Flemish and French are rusty, so I'm not making headway. I know the location, stadium, and time, now I just need two tickets. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


I think you should be patient for a little month and then they will be available on http://www.footbel...

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How could I get tickets to Teen Choice Awards 2008 grandstands?

I would like to watch celebrities on the red carpet for this event because there are some of my favorite teen stars. I was wondering if there were tickets available for the grandstand and how to recieve them. Could I get them the day of at the event...


I dont believe you can get these. They usually do it in the back of the Gibson Amphitheatre. You would...

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How do i get tickets to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Swimming to see Michael Phelps?

I want to see michael phelps swim in the 2008 olympics. also because i'm intrested in swimming. where can you get tickets? is it in bejing?


you could go to… which is the official website for the...

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How can I get discount tickets for the 2008 Texas State Fair?

I live out of state now and am having a hard time finding this info. I have heard that you can get tickets from Kroger for $12.50, but I am looking for a much better discount than that. If you have info about whether they still do Dr. Pepper Tuesdays...


North Texas Food Bank Discounts on Wednesday

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How can I get tickets to Tila Tequila's New Years Eve Masquerade 2008?!?!?

yea I REALLLLY WANT TO GO! my family reserved a hotel room at the michelangelo but I really want to go to the masquerade! does anyone know how, when and where to get the tickets?!


You know it will be aired live NYE from 11:00pm ET to 12:30am on NYD right? Steve http://411newyork...

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