How can I hook up my xbox and my computer to the same LCD Monitor?

Let’s learn how can I hook up my xbox and my computer to the same LCD Monitor. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can you hook a tv and xbox to a big computer monitor?

ok if i buy a 22' lcd computer monitor can i hook my tv and my xbox 360 to it if so what do i need and what is the process. i dont have the money to buy a new compuuter monitor and new tv


if you buy the right monitor maybe, but its usually you hook the computer rgb cables to the tv and use...

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I was very disappointed when I bought the Microsoft VGA adapter for my 360. I went to hook the two together...

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As long as the 360 and LCD both have a HDMI port then yes

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How do i hook up my xbox 360 to my monitor ?

Just got a 22" 226bw Samsung lcd monitor and wondering how do i hook it up to my xbox 360. I will need to know the following. 1 . Which cable to buy ( the monitor is HD ) 2. Which is a good brand 3. and ofcourse how to hook it up Also this monitor...

Answer:… This is the cable that you need in order to use your...

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Is it possible to hook up an Xbox 360 to a widescreen computer monitor?

I recently received a 19" widescreen TFT LCD HD-capable computer monitor, and I was wondering if there was somehow some way to hook my Xbox 360 up to it, because my TV is about 5 or 6 years old and the picture is terrible. I sometimes use my 7"...


yes you need this cable

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Xbox 360 - Computer Monitor?

I am going to purchase a Xbox 360 S on black friday this year and I currently have a junk tv and was thinking about buying a computer monitor 100-150$ range and I am sure you can hook it up with the VGA cable but I was wondering if you could just use...


You connect it to a computer monitor no different than you do a TV (via HDMI). Plug in, turn both on...

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I gave up TV. Now help me buy a TV. (...Or a humongous monitor for my computer/dvd player.)

A couple months ago, I sold my old Sony Trinitron and gave up TV. It's been fantastic and I haven't really looked back. But I *have* been missing watching movies on a screen bigger than my 15” laptop. I've also always wanted a bigger...


Honestly, get over to avsforum. Read read read. There are plenty of people who use a larger LCD for...

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Need help converting Xbox 360 to LCD monitor WITH Audio!?

I am going to use cables to convert the video for my Xbox 360 to my LCD computer monitor, via this cable:… (360 to VGA adapter) I am getting a little confused on converting the audio to my headphones though...


Why can't you just ignore the audio cables entirely and just plug the headphones into one of the 36...

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How do you connect two LCD TVs to 1 Computer Tower?

I just bought a new computer and thought that I should update my monitor along with it since my current monitor is over 3 years old. What I want to do is hook up 2 LCD TVs to my new computer and make it 1 giant screen. I also want to be able to hook...


First, you never use a HDMI splitter if you want different displays on the monitors/TVs. Most video...

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How Do i get audio from my xbox 360 to my acer h233h hd monitor(without internal speakers)?

I have an xbox 360 hook up to my Acer H233H lcd hd monitor. It is connected by hdmi cable. I bought this and i...


If you are using the hdmi cable to connect the xbox then the sound is taken through with it as well...

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