How can I install MSN on Linux?

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How To Install MSN Live Messenger On Ubuntu Linux Easily

For developers linux is probabily the best OS, and Ubuntu is probably the best version of Linux that everyone can use easily. But installing applications i

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Can somebody how to install yahoo messenger or msn messenger on Ubuntu Linux?

i'm trying to install yahoo and msn messenger on Ubuntu but i keep receiving error message, after i download the file and try to install it do i need to download something else more


I suggest you use a native Ubuntu LInux program like Empathy or Pidgin, instead of trying to install...

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the real Windows Live Messenger client won't work on Ubuntu. (unless some major work has been done on...

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How to install msn on linux ubuntu?

I know that it is possible to install a program similar to msn I cant find a way to do so. How do I achieve this?


it is called amsn. you use adept if you are using Kubuntu or add/remove on Ubuntu

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I'm trying to download skype with linux why won't it work?

I'm trying to download skype on my laptop. It will download but when I go to install it, it doesn't work. It just say "Error". I have Linux Ubuntu and just want skype messenger because msn isn't compatible :( Please help!


Pidgin is Ubuntu's default instant messaging (IM) client, at least through 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope. It...

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Why is it so difficult to install some Linux packages?

Just because Linux and most of the open-source is free, does it automatically imply that Linux-developers can make it in any arbitrary non-user friendly manner? I use Linux as an end user, I am not that smart to open up the packages and do tinkering...


I did not know that apt-get install awesomeness was difficult.

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How do I install Linux (e.g. Linux Mint 12) on a laptop?

I have a HP dv6000 with Windows 7, it has the standard C and D drives. I know that if I want to install a Linux distro for dual-booting it's recommended that I create a separate partition so that I can install it. I wanted to have a step-by-step guide...


You should still be able to shrink your C drive. You certainly don't want to overwrite your recovery...

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Can i install XP and linux both on a single PC? Will it work?

Can i install XP and linux both on a single PC? Will it work? I want to install both xp and linux in my own desktop pc is it possible... I had already installed and using XP service pack2... Is it possible to install linux without uninstalling xp......


Installing Ubuntu as a dual-boot with Windows without partitioning

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Linux just won't install on my PC?

I've tried pretty much every Linux distro and there's only a hand full that actually boot or even install. Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora 15, Mandriva and Arch Linux all load up on the CD, but as soon as i hit enter to install from the CD, all...


udev is the device manager for the Linux kernel. Primarily, it manages device nodes in /dev. It is the...

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Linux Desktop: System Admin forcing to remove Ubuntu and install Windows?

Hello everyone, My organization's system admin is asking me to remove Ubuntu from my official laptop and install windows so that they can enforce domain policies and manage the system, At my workplace i am managing a cluster of 40+ ubuntu/linux servers...


If the concern is security or just plain following the policy for no good reason, then maybe the company...

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