How can I install games from my PC to my phone?

Let’s learn how can I install games from my PC to my phone. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can i install 6600 apps from my pc to my phone?

can i install 6600 games from my pc direct to my phone? i have a game w/c is 10 mb.. and my memory card free space is only 23 mb.. i copied the installer to the mmc then trid to instll it... but it did not install cuz i hav low memoryy. plss help... thanks


if you have memory card reader just insert your memory card in pc and copy the game file which you want...

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Can't i install games on my phone without nokia pc suite?

i have a pcsuite but it wont read my mobile(nokia 6300) is there any other way to install games on my phone? and why wont my pc suite read my phone? please send me an answer more


i install games onto my phone without needing to use PC Suite. i have a nokia N73 and i download the...

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How to Install games i've downloaded from pc to my phone?

i used CSL m30i phone. i've tried to download sim city from to my pc and transfer it to my phone. but, i can't play it. its in .jar format.


I'm sure you can from the companies website.

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Akshat , do one thing just download .apk file on desktop and run it on your android phone. that is the...

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How can i download free games to samsung galaxy y thru my pc?

i don't know how to install or download free games from my pc to my samsung galaxy y phone. my samsung phone doesn't have internet connection so i'd like to know if there's any way to download free games thru my pc instead. Somebody told me it's possible...


Samsung galaxy y is android phone,on your pc search on Google games for Samsung galaxy y, then u down...

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Can i install mobile application to my motorola phone via bluetooth?

my phone is motorola e398 and i wanted to install some applications or games and themes..very badly i wanted to install the free msn messenger like ebuddy..i manage to download the software in my pc in.jad and.jar format[ not combination of two format...


Yes you can but you have to "sync" you blue tooth to the phone to use it...

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Sony Ericsson W800i - I downloaded some java games - how do install them onto my phone via USB cable?

Hi i recently bought a w800i, and i want to know how to install some games onto it. I have the games sitting on my computer desktop and i have installed all the PC suite etc with the phone. But how do i install these games or where do i put them via...


drag the icons of the games into your other folder in pc suite and your phone will ask for the place...

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Can you install any windows program & game on a windows 8 mobile phone and have them run?

Just mainly wondering if I can install steam on it, and then run my pc games whenever I want on a mobile phone that is using windows 8.


NO you can not use just any W8 program. A phone does not work like a PC, even if they both have the...

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Why can't i install games/app to micro sd card Samsung Galaxy note?

i have SG note with internal memory 16gb and i also have 16gb micro sd card class 4. but when i install games/app it will be installed in internal memory. i formated the memory card 2-3times already on phone and also on PC. but still i cannot install...


You need to root your phone,sd card needs to be formated to ext2 partition, http://forum.xda-developers...

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