How can I listen to TV audio on my Bluetooth headphones?

Let’s learn how can I listen to TV audio on my Bluetooth headphones. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I listen to TV With Bluetooth headphones?

How do I Connect Bluetooth head phones to my tv


hmm well, most modern TV's don't have an audio out jack. Some have bluetooth, but it's rare. Now, most...

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Yep, there are wireless bluetooth headphones that you can plug into anything to listen to!

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What device can enable me to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my TV that has no Bluetooth?

Like any device that I can plug in the headphone line in jack and transmit Bluetooth signals and connects to my headphones?


Hi, the best way is to use the Digital Audio Output on the back of your TV if you have one. TVs usually...

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Bluetooth headphones For my TV?

Just wondering if i can use a set of bluetooth headphones with my tv if i use a use bluetooth dongle?


Yes, but you may experience enough lag to make it not worth trying.

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How to listen to TV with headphones?

I want to use my headphones to listen to the TV (don't want to be loud), how can I do this? I have a laptop with an HDMI and there is no direct headphone jack coming from the TV. Any suggestions?


f you have a tv without a headphone jack you can buy some head phones that you can listen to you're...

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How to listen to headphones on my tv ?

It is a pretty recent TV, the last year or so. The only thing is it has no headphone jack or audio out (RCA). Is there any other way to listen to the headphones ?


You need an a/v receiver. They have jacks. And the higher end ones you can use with wireless and Bluetooth...

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I want to hook up headphones to my sony tv and listen to the head phones while the speakers are still going. but can't.

Sony tv, will allow audo out or speakers. Audio out to stereo with a splitter that goes to headphones makes audio volume extremely low. Am willing to buy a new receiver with speaker + headphone option if there is one at reasonable price. (have hearing...


I've thought about this. I think the only way is to add another receiver and loop it out of your stereo...

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How do I listen to tv through headphones?

On my tv there is a hole that says audio but when I put in my headphone jack (which fits perfectly) there is no sound. How do I make the sound come through the headphones without buying anything?


You plug them into the jack specifically marked as "Headphones", usually green in color. Otherwise...

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How can I listen to my TV with headphones without buying a home theater system?

I have a brand new LG HDTV without a headphone plug in. I would like to listen to TV loud late at night but i have no need for a home theater system, since i live in a small apt. What more


If your TV has speaker connections you should be able to buy an adapter probably at radio shack that...

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Is it possible to watch Apple TV but listen through headphones?

For example, Airplaying from an iPad and Bluetoothing the audio to headphones.


I use wireless headphones connected to the TV.   The Sennheiser HDR180 are good and support multiple...

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