How can I make a download page?

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How to make a download page

I'm excited on how to do the download page similar to Example - If we click on "download": 1) page reloads to url like 2) after some timeout download begins. 3) file downloads from How do I make the same? How its done on php? Also, I would like to send some mysql request when download page is opened, to...


Use Javascript's setTimeout function and then redirect the browser to the download resource. Looks like...

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How can i make it so when you visit a page on my website a download starts?

I want it to be like when you visit my webpage a download starts? I'm using hostclear as my website hoster can somone tell me how it's possible to do this?


Hmm, well you could use an iframe. Using HTML you could place an iframe somewhere on the page and for...

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How to make people like your facebook page before they can download something?

For example this fb page:


you Need to have your Own Website and you Need to Know How to and Make a PHP Code Make the Code Following...

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How do I make a download button in my web page work with Django?

So if  people click on that download button, the file xyz.pdf on server should be  downloaded. Framework: Django Language: Python OS: Ubuntu  For example, let us assume that I have a file "xyz.pdf" at  "/home/username/project/". I...


Mykola Zorin has a very good point, you should consider routing the request using static content rules...

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How do you make your own online download page?

I have a big file that i want to send a friend. I have seen where people loads the file to a web page and the other person can go to the web page and download it from there. Can anybody help me and explain how to do that.. Thanks


you can use one or both of the following sites for big files (over 100mb)

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How would I make an admin only download page in php?

Is there any place to learn about making a secure admin page that lets me download my database into an excel file? For example, if I had an online survey and I saved the answers to the survey on the DB, instead of having an email being sent to me every...


<?php     // Include the database file or connect to mySQL and select dabase here     include('database...

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How do I make a download page in ASP.NET?

I am trying to put a link on the page but when I click on the link, the browser tries to open the file instead of displaying the download dialog box. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks


Actually, this is a function of Internet Explorer / Modzilla / Firefox / Opera and not asp or .net at...

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you cannot do that with facebook

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This should be much easier now with the new release of iFrame tabs. You may not even have to make too...

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If you're talking about background colors, those aren't actually downloaded, but generated on your PC...

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