How can I make a second email address on

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How can i make another email address for yahoo?

how can i make another email address for yahoo


Go to:Email/(Mail)options/General Preferences/In the 'From________' and 'Reply to:' sections, CHANGE...

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Does this email address make me look bad?

I sent an important email to a government supervisor to file a complaint about the way i was treated by government employee. I signed my name at the bottom of the email. Unfortunately, I sent the email from my other email account, which is "harryhickory...


No it sounds very normal.

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Why my email delivered to bulk email? what to do to make my email address to appear as NOT A BULK SENDER?

When ever I send email... it is delivered to bulk ( junk ) email folder of reciptant. I don't know my my email is being treated as bulk email.... can any one help to make my email delivered to INBOX only...!!


Ask your friend to add your email address to address book. If it is not added in address book, it may...

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How do i keep my email address that i have now on yahoo with voice, but make a new email address?

i am trying to make a new email address because i have forgotten a password but it won't let me get it because i have to have a different email address than i already have.... the last one i have was wrong so it won't let me get my password and i need...


Simple, just put as your alternative email address. Dodgeit doesn't need registration...

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Can I make my apple i.d. and email address separate?

I don't want my email address to show as my apple I.D. I recall being able to change it in the past but now its listed as one field and using anything thats not an email address in the ID/primary email box doesn't work. I text through iMessage on my...


No, it uses the email address, so comes up as the email address until your person you're texting adds...

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If my email address is a business email address, can i make my 360 page a business page, and if so how?

I recently started my own business with an online store and this email address is my business email! I would like to create my 360 page as a business page and be able to add customers and friends to my friends list! can I do this and how?


You could make your 360 look like a business page but you wouldn't be able to change your profile address...

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Want to start make emails, how to make email address for first timer?

i am a new internet user, i want to use internet by using email, i dont know how to make an email address. please help me how to do it from the very start, using new yahoo ID and new surname. new email other than paztongson.


To create New Account!… goodluck ^_^

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Here’s how to set your PC to open Yahoo! Mail when you click an email link on a web page. 1. From...

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You can make free email accounts at and Try it out!

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Someone used my email address to make an account with ebay. How can I stop someone from using my email address?

I cant even do an ebay account because someone used my email address there.


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