How can I make a video with my webcam?

Let’s learn how can I make a video with my webcam. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I make my video camera into a webcam?

I have a Sony Handycam camcorder DCR-DVD108 and I want to know if its possible to make it into a webcam, I have heard its been done but I want to know what I need and how I can do this without buying some kind of expencive software. Any feedback will be apreciated


does it have a usb port that can connect to the computer? If not you may need to buy some sort of cord...

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How can I use a built in webcam to make a video?

Okay, I have searched this topic a lot and it seems there are a lot of braindead retards answersing theese questions. The top two answers I see are "Youtube has a feature which lets you upload from a webcam capture" and "Use the cd and...


you can like talk about yourself and sing dance anything.

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How can i make a video with my webcam?

I just got two new kittens and they act so funny around each other! How can i use my webcam to record a video? do i need software? FOR FREE IM me if you wanna webcam chat =)


just put it on video on you web cam.

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How can I make a video using a webcam?

Okay I have an 4GB Acer Laptop with a webcam and windows movie maker. My friend wants me to do a cover of a song but I'm not sure how to add the audio to the video and my voice separately. Can anyone help??


You can use Webcam Video Capture Capture webcams, streaming video, full screen, part of the screen and...

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To make your webcam quality appear better, try playing around with the lighting in the room. The lighting...

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Most computers have some sort of video imaging software on them, or webcams should come with that software...

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How can i make an youtube video without a webcam ?

i just want to put up a song i made myself with images like i see some videos please help thanks :]


Windows Movie Maker, iMovie (if you're using Macbook) , Adobe Premier etc

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If you had a little tiny camera perched on your penis you could make a youtube video with it.

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How to make a video using webcam & mic?

I have a webcam & mic so I want to use them to record a video. On Youtube I tried the record from webcam option but obviously that took sound from my webcam not mic. Do I need some kind of video software? If so can anyone recommend a free one? I...


If you want to find a FREE webcam software, please click this link :

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Can you make a video from Youtube straight form your webcam?

ok i wanna make a video for YouTube but my computer is weird i was wondering if you can make a video straight from your webcam if any1 knows how to do this please write back at this thanks please no mean comments



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