How can I make a website like facebook for free?

Let’s learn how can I make a website like facebook for free. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Even when you already have an online presence through your website, it is important to promote your...

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Where is a good website where I can make a website free like Facebook or a blog with free .com domain?

I always wanted to make a website kind of like Facebook when I first saw it, but I can't find anything. It all requires a credit card, phone number, and address! I never give out personal information like that. I've tried and 1freehosting...


get some advice from their...........

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How i can make a website like facebook or twitter?

i want to make a website like facebook or twitter but i dont know how if someone knows tell me plzzz


Hey Buddy, It might help you in your situation Best Regards

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How can you make money by creating a free website, Facebook for an example?

I was watching the social network, and it made me really interested to know how it all works. Help anyone?


I'm earning with my website using just few methods...banners, popups and popunders, interstitial adv...

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How would you make a website like Wiki or Facebook?

If someone wanted to create a website similar to either Wikipedia or Facebook, how would they go about doing so? Wiki in the sense that, users have complete control over the content, and can create pages etc. Facebook in the sense that users can cusomize...


Things you will need to learn: 1. HTML - The basis of all web programming is HTML. This is how your...

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When a user 'likes' a page on your website, can you automatically make them 'like' your site's Facebook Page as well?

It's valuable to your get site visitors to like your Facebook Page, because then your Facebook Page's updates are pushed into those visitors' news feeds -- and as I understand it this is the only way to push updates into their news feeds.  (Please correct...


You can't do it as well or force it automatically - nor should you - but it's easy enough to customize...

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How to make a website like facebook is?

I wanna make a website just like facebook, where people can sign up and have a profile and can upload pics etc.. so what do i need to do this website ?


Check out for a beginner's guide to web hosting. Also see the list of recommended...

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How to make a facebook "like" website?

I have the domain and everything but i want to make a website where people can create likes and other people can like them etc (if you get what i mean) I mean is their any free versions out there or something, i mean i can't code one from scratch but...


Become very acquainted with CSS coding

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How to Make Facebook-like Website?

I like the idea of having a Facebook-like website where I will organize all the people in our town, and then maybe later other towns in our province would join our Facebook-like more


Hi, When ever we think of making a website it very important to keep certain things in mind like the...

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How do you make a Website like Twitter/Facebook?

I want to make a website but i don't know how to. Does anyone know how? like can you give me a website?


If you are completely serious about this, then you need to start learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript...

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