How can I make money off my art?

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I want to make money from my art work, am I good enough and how would I do it?

I'm 15 so until August no-one will employ me and as I have now finished my GCSEs I've been drawing more than ever, so I wondered how do people go about making money from their artwork? Firstly, am I good enough? If not, that's fine, say so, cos' if I'm rubbish it's best to find out now.………… Secondly, how do...


How to make money from selling art. Other than what was said above... Start going to art shows. Talk...

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How can a 13 year old make money off his art?

Hello, I am 13 years old, (if it matters) and I am going to be buying a snake soon but have no money! I am really into art, and really go at art. So I decided that I am going to sell it so I can make money. I realize that Im not going to get very much...


Set up a website online. Put on your pictures and if you can, publicise it online. Maybe on Facebook...

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I am an artist and make some money (not a lot) through my art work by selling my paintings etc, how and what can I declare to HMRC?

I am an artist and make some money (not a lot) through my art work by selling my paintings etc. How can I register my self as self-employed, my income through this source always more


Once you’ve registered for Self Assessment with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), you’ll get a Unique Taxpayer...

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How much money can i make putting together art?

how much money can i make if i do a couple drawings, some paintings every week and sell them?


There is no answer for you, because it all depends on whether you sell your art or not.And it also depends...

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I have a talent for art (illustrating). How can I make money at it?

What are some ways that I can sell drawings using pen, pencil, and colored pencil, and marker? I have an art room with a drafting table. I have the talent - but I could use some more


If you are good at "rendering life-like forms" you could look into medical illustration. Lots...

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How can I make money in the art business?

I really need to make some money and I'm a pretty talented artist. I like to paint and draw and I've already had 2 or 3 offers on one of my paintings in an exhibit. Is there more


you said you like to draw.If you can create cool graphics then this site is the best for you http:/...

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How can i make money from my fine art?

hi, i need some extra cash what are the best sites i can use to get commissions or create pieces to target specific buyers?


you could sell your work in galleries you can paint in an illustrative/graphic art style they are pretty...

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Can you make MONEY in the art field?

Sorry I just asked a similar question.. but this is a little different I'm 15 (nearly 16) I'm a VERY good artist for my age. I've taught myself ALL of Photoshop CS5 without any help. I love drawing.. I do more commercial works and would like to pursue...


Yes, there are jobs that pay artists for a lot of money. But that is years later, when you have lots...

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How to make money with sketches or digital art?

I'm trying to save money for school so I need a few ways to make "extra" money (no money is extra if ya' need it, right). I can draw really well, I can also make really good digital photos such as anime characters and so on. I'm looking for...


Hi! U can asked to ur friends. Tell them u can make them a commission or art trade. Let them look at...

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How do make money doing what you love and your love is art ?

No matter how talented you are or how beautiful your work is, the problem is to be able to show it to the world. It's not easy. galleries will tell you they only work with certain established artist, or the work you do is not what they cater to. You...


to be a great artist you have to accept that you might die alone and broke and that maybe, just maybe...

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