How can I make my CV notable?

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How to make my cv shine ;?

I am looking for a job as a triainee vet. nurse how can I stand out from the crowd?? I have the GCSE'S except Science which I am doing a tech. cert in to get the equiv to a GCSE, I owned animals for ever I owned horses dogs cats , done some freelance dog and puppy training, delievered kittens ....


Making your CV shine is a combination of good wording and branding. What are your strongest points?...

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How can I make my CV the best CV?

After 10 years as a freelancer/sole proprietor, I've been recruited for a position as Creative Director of a company in the financial services sector. They've requested a CV. I don't have one and never really have. Please recommend best practices, templates...


I always recommend Richard Lathrop's Don't Use a Resume to people, especially if their circumstances...

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I'm a 17 year old female who has been looking for a part time job for nearly 2 years but no luck :) I'm not sure if it's my CV or because I have only one GCSE which is IT, that's why I'm doing Level 2 IT in College. Everything else on my CV looks fine...


i don't know much about CV and such, but I would assume that using "socialising" instead of...

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How can i make a better CV's for applying jobs?

How can i make a better CV's for applying jobs? What are the methods or format by writing a resume for applying jobs.........


If you don't have a predefined format look at the available templates online and use an existing template...

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look this site. hope u will find what u need. there are a few examples in that site for diff. requests...

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How can I make an impressive Data Science CV?

I am a data scientist/engineer, just out of college. I want to make an impressive Data Science CV. Something like designers make their CVs with graphics. I was thinking about using the Public API of LinkedIn or some other public data and get some insights...


Check this out - Can be helpful Tips to prepare an outstanding CV for data science roles

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How can i make my cv for seo analyst? Pls suggest me some bullet points or sample c.v. or lines.?

Hi all, i am doing seo, smo for my company websites and now want to make my cv that show my skills in this field and get a break in hard core internet marketing. Pls adv me.


Working as an analyst is an unexceptional walk of life

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How can make my resumè/ CV better? Please help, will pick best answer!!?

So I'm seventeen and looking for a part time job but because I have pretty much no experience I need to improve it a lot. How can I make it better without completely lying? Thanks


Talk about the classes you have taken and incorporate them into your resume. Also, did you volunteer...

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How can i make ticketing staff CV?

CURRICULUM VITAE Sameer Al-Balushi P.O.Box 308, Muscat, P.C. 113, Tel: ( R ) 24794597, (GSM) 99026032/99212161/92390199 E-mail: Personal Details: Nationality:Omani Date of Birth09.01.1981 Marital Status:Single Passport No:004...


U can take some professional help, just check out my profile and all the best :)

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How can I make a good cv for any job?

I don't mind a waiter job or anything really!... Anything I can get! So what template would be best for a job that says....any job I have dense my bcom in business management more


There are templates online that you can easily find. Writing a CV is very important. It's not something...

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