How can I make transparent words on pictures?

Let’s learn how can I make transparent words on pictures. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do make a video on youtube w/ only words and pictures and music in the backround, on a macbook?

So mine and my girlfriend's anniversary is tomorrow but sadly, i can only talk to her over Facebook. lmfao, yea we cyber like: -hugs you- & stuff.. ._. But anyways, I love her so ******* much. I'm gonna visit her in August:D It's our two month anniversary...


i don't know how to do that on macbook, but if you have a windows computer, that will be so easy, you...

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I am trying to make a flyer for my business how do i do this with words and colored pictures.?

I am trying to make a flyer that i can post around my town for my business.How do I make one.I am trying to have a landscaping and housecleaning business how can i make a flyer without it costing me anything.please be specific on hoe to do this.


there are ready templates in…

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How do i make a scroll bar for pictures and words on myspace?

i want to make a scroll bar for my myspace that can contain pictures and words i have a 1.0 profile i would prefer it is a HTML code thanks.! And i want to put it in my music section


How to make a scroll box? Put this wheverever you want it to show up: <div style="width:350px...

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How do you make those pictures with the words on them?

How do you make those pictures that people are always posting on facebook and twitter and stuff? They're just like a simple background and then they have usually like a more


You take white out and write your message on the camera lens and then take the picture.

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How to make letters/words out of pictures?

It's hard to explain, but here's an example I really wanna make a sign that says 'Welcome' made out of JoBros pictures more


In Photoshop, or, I assume, any other photo editing program: -Set one layer as the photo, and add a...

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Image Manipulation: How does one go about adding a red effect (for lack of better words)  to a picture to make it look like the pictures below?

Are there any special camera settings that can do this or can it be done in photo editing softwares such as adobe photoshop? If so how? Thanks!


Redscale photographyThere is a film photographic technique where you expose the film "backward...

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How do I make my printer print words and not pictures. It will not print text from word documents...?

The printer won't print ANY TEXT from notepad or word or any word document programs... It'll only print pictures from like photofiltre and stuff and text from there... I don't get more


Some printers have a setting that will only let you print pictures and not text so check the printer...

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Depending on the compute, start at the control panel & go to screen settings. There should be an...

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Any websites where i can make pictures out of words?

I've seen some people do it but I never got the chance to ask :/ Anyone got any ideas? I know Worddle, but it dons't make it into picture it just scrambles..


Google for "ASCII art generator" or how to make ascii or typography art. There are a lot of...

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How do you make words cut out of pictures online?

I want to make something like this:


This question gets asked a lot, but I don't mind repeating the answer because I realize it is very difficult...

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