How can I open a vcf file?

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VCF File - What is it and how do I open it?

What is a VCF file? VCF is an acronym for Virtual Contact File. VCF files, also commonly referred to as vCards, are the standard file format that is used to store ...

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How to convert .doc file to csv or .vcf?

years ago, I imported my CSV file in outlook and then I had to change my windows.. I uploaded those outlook files to gmail drive.. and now when I need those contacts, it is in more


A CSV file is only used for tabulated data. Fields are separated by commas and records by lines. You...

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What is a .vcf file on a blackberry, please?

Hello. I recently got myself a BlackBerry Storm2, back when they were first released. Today, a friend of my mother's, Greta, sent me her friend Jamie's number, to forward to their friend Marckus ("Mark.;" he's in my phone under "Mark H...


Standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business; typically includes a...

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Combine multiple VCF files into one VCF file?

Is it possible to combine multiple VCF files (e.g. 200 contacts) into one VCF file? Thanks very much. PS - Also would like to do it the other way around: from one files into multiple VCF files.


No, that`s not possible. Greetings The Freak

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Is it possible to import multiple vcf's into an excel file?

I'm compiling a large number of contacts from vcf's into a single excel. I was thinking to convert each individual vcf into a csv, and then merge them all into a single excel. Is this the best way of going about this? Or are there any options to automate...


If you already have an efficient way to batch convert your vcf items to a csv file(s), then this would...

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How do I Import VCF file to Windows Phone 7?

I have a Lg E900 Windows 7 phone with Mango update. I am trying to transfer My contacts from Samsung Bada wave 2 phone. I am so shocked to see this Microsoft "Qtiyapa". There is no support option to import contacts directly. I have even tried...


1. Upload it to your Windows accout by importing your contacts. 2. Add/it will automatically sync available...

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VCF files are often used for importing and exporting contacts from address books.

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We need more details to help you.

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To view Excel file content in vCard or VCF format you must need to convert their file format first to...

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Exporting records into VCF (techtor, easterangel)

…A special thanks to techtor and easterangel for their quality work. Is there a simple software that can transfer records from MS Office application to export them in a Virtual Card File (VCF) format? I am looking for a software that can take data...


Thank you for accepting my proposal to answer, and I've had a good Holiday myself :). I’ll list...

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