How can I play DVD-9 on Samsung home theater HT-TP33?

Let’s learn how can I play DVD-9 on Samsung home theater HT-TP33. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Just put it in the DVD player. "DVD-9" just means a dual-layer DVD, which is what most prerecorded...

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Why won't a disc play in my Samsung digital home theater?

When I insert the disc, the disc menu comes up fine, but once I press play this awful noise comes from the speakers and the picture is pixelated or doesn't show up at all. Every other disc I have tried works perfectly in my Samsung home theater, and...


The disc was recorded in the wrong format or it wasn't finalized after recording Feel lucky for the...

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How do I set up my PS3 with my new Samsung 7.1 Home Theater system?

Okay, so here's the breakdown: I just bought a brand new Samsung 55" 3D LED TV, the newest model, and a new 7.1 3D Audio/Blu Ray Player Samsung Home Theater System. I also just bought a new 320GB PS3. All this is replacing my old 42" LCD Hitachi...


Hold on..I'll be back..need to take a couple of aspirin first...whew!

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Samsung or Sony All-in-one home theater system?

I want to buy a home theater for my room so I can play Xbox, watch movies, and listen to music. I've been looking on and found two possible systems. Samsung


Many companies make so called home theaters in a box (HTIB). Very few are worthy of mention. And then...

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My TV wont play through my home theater system, no matter what i do. HELP?!!!?

I have a 32" Class LCD HDTV LC320SS2 and a Coby Home Theater System that has this Serial Number 0621102538. I had the home theater system hooked up to a smaller Samsung TV and it worked just fine. I tried hooking it up through the A/V jacks and...


I think there is nothing to do with coaxial cable. Things will be very straight forward if the connections...

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How do i setup my laptop to connect to a samsung home theater system?

i have a hp dv4-1028us which has a HDMI port and a samsung HT-Z420 home theater system with a 50" hdtv. how do i play bluray movies straight from my laptop to play with video and sound? when i try connecting the HDMI from my laptop to the receiver...


Connect your computer to the tv using HDMI cable, make sure that your computer is selected to HDMI output...

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Gift: Help me replace a Samsung HT-P38 DVD Home Theater

GiftFilter: My brother's Samsung HT-P38 DVD Home Theater receiver is broken. I'd like to fix it or replace it with something equivalent/better/the same thing. Advise! So the HT-P38 is a 5-disc DVD player and receiver for surround sound. Everything works...


You can almost always freely interchange speakers. Technically, you should choose speakers of the appropriate...

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Will my home theater speakers play when i just watch t.v?

I have a Samsung Series 7 LED 3D t.v with a Samsung 3D blu-ray player all connected with HDMI highspeed cables. I am going to get the Samsung home theater sytem HT-C5550. which i more


Connect your TV and your BluRay and any gaming systems ETC to your home theatre system and then you...

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Can all home theater systems play DVD's and regular tv channels?

I just bought a samsung htz310 and i see that it works because i can play DVD's and listen to the FM radio but i cant watch tv or play my playstation on it. I wanted to kno if all home theater systems are capable of recieving tv channels?


Maybe your TV is better than your HTB. What I mean is, maybe you have an "audio out" on the...

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Samsung Home Theater bluetooth connection?

Hello, I succesfuly connected my samsung home theater to my laptop, but how can I finally start using it? how to play music through it now?


Each device should show a "list of services" from the peripheral device (theater). So that...

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