How can I professionally present my graphic design samples?

Let’s learn how can I professionally present my graphic design samples. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How can I professionally present my graphic design samples ...

I'm applying for a graphic design position. Along with my resume, I was told to include samples of my work. They want a few physical samples, and I was ...

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Where can i find good samples for interior design decorating?

specially interior design samples for shops.


if you need interior design ideas i'd check out design shuffle

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A newsletter design samples ... 10 points sure?

i need to design a newsletter for my company urgently. would be great if i get some good links of news letter design samples, or any kind of help design need not be too corporate, but gentle ...and it should be compatible with outlook's stationery method...


Just search for 'free html newsletter template' or try these links -

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Where is it possible to get samples of materials for Industrial Design?

Are samples usually obtained directly from manufacturer or from wholesalers, individually or as catalogs? Are samples typically free or if not, how much do they cost?


If you in the UK check out M.A.D.E The Material and Design Exchange it's free to visit with a booking...

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Does copyright law cover samples used in industrial sound design?

To what degree does copyright law cover the sounds objects make, when those sounds are actually samples? I know copyright law covers sampling in media; if I sample a song or other media, I need to check that my use of the sample aligns with various licenses...


Copyright pertains to "original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression...

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You can buy fabric samples at Michael's Arts & Crafts Store, or JoAnn Fabrics.

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Where i can find the samples of some family photographs design on net?

I want to create a big wallpaper of my family photos in photoshop but i am confused a lot that where i start and what i do for better result anybody have any idea or any site where can i got this which is help me. thnx


I'm assuming you mean a montage. If that's the case then photoshop is not really your friend, that's...

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When a human subject rates something on a 5-point scale, we may be reasonably confident that the scale...

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Great HTML Newsletter layout and design samples?

We're in the process of setting up a newsletter for the new year and were wondering of there are any good designs out there of well laid out and sharp examples. This newsletter will be focused on the online recruitment. Thank you. -Dusty


Hi Dustydune ~ I am assuming you are interested in a newsletter design that would lend itself well...

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