How can I programmatically extract a file quickly and efficiently within Android?

Let’s learn how can I programmatically extract a file quickly and efficiently within Android. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How can I programatically decompile dex files within Android?

I know how to extract apk files to classes using a windows based system as below: Step 1:Renaming .apk file Rename the .apk file with the extension .zip (for example let the file be "demofile.apk" then after renaming it becomes "") Step 2:Getting java files from apk Now extract the renamed zip file in specific folder, for example let that folder be "demofolder". Now Download dex2jar from the link for windows and extract that zip file in folder "...


You can browse the sourcecode of the ShowJava application here. It looks like he is using the the Dex...

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There is much more simple way to go about playing games on phones. Just get an emulator and you can...

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How can I extract or duplicate the exe file of an application installed in a Windows PC?

In the Android world, there's an application called "APK Extractor", a simple app that can do important job, to extract or duplicate an apk file of an application more


You can just search for the file and copy it, but that doesn't duplicate the registry entries and extra...

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How can I extract data from a Microsoft Project 2003 XML File to a text file?

I am in need of suggestions on how to quickly go through an XML file and extract certain data from the file.  The XML file I am using is one that was generated from Microsoft Project 2003.  I need to extract specific parent and task information from...


Also would suggest XSLT. See some tutorials here: Also may want...

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Im trying to unzip/extract files with exe file in it....and wont extract?

i am trying to extract a rar file with files and one exe file in it.......all the files will extract apart from the exe file......all the antivirus softwares are turned off and i dont know what else is wrong with it


The .exe file is most likely an install file or it could be a self extracting archives. Double click...

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.rar file won't extract for some reason?

I'm trying to extract a .rar file to my desktop, and I have used Jzip and rarzilla. When I tried to extract with Jzip, a window would flash itself for about half a second and then vanish, with no extracted file to be found. When I used rarzilla, the...


are you sure the rar file has data in it?

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How can I extract multiple images from my TIFF file?

I made some scans of things on a scanner using the file format TIFF. It automatically added all the pages to the one file. However, when I open the TIFF file later in photoshop, it only shows the first image I scanned! I'm pretty sure the rest are in...


Try this tool - a trial is free so just use it the once

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I have a rar file and it contains a file which windows refuses to extract?

pic of it here trying to extract something tp:// i need to extract the file but ive tried both winzip and winrar and they cant do it can anyone help plz


Make sure the file is not currupt or i virus you computer is blocking!!! Also the file maybe fake if...

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I can't extract my rar file!?

When I extract it, there is no file extracted except for a readme file that says: This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification.


You can't rar without a license. You can unrar. See the 7zip license unRAR restriction.

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