How can I put my computer back on its standard resolution?

Let’s learn how can I put my computer back on its standard resolution. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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My computer has hd graphics and its highest resolution is 1366x768 what out put can I expect from vga?

my computer is msi cr 630 The reason I am asking this question is because I am getting a second hand projector with VGA input and I have a few to choose from I don't know what they all are yet but I want to choose the best one by choosing the one with...


You can expect your computers VGA port to output whatever you select from the list of resolutions your...

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I install windows vista on my XP computer with 894mb and wen i put a high resolution on my monitor it freez?

my computer was windows xp and i have 894 mb 1.60 GHz and wen i put high resolution it thus freezes and i got to turn it off and on



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Why do the colors on my computer screen mix up when I put the highest resolution on?

It's the only resolution that's widescreen and works on my TV, yet it gets purplish when I use it.


ithink video card responsible about given resolutions therefor advice you to bought new version of video...

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My computer screen is too big how can i put it back too normal?

One day i turn on my laptop (windows xp) and everything was too big and it wasn't like that before. I search online and read that im suppose to go to settings and change the resolution too were i want it. Problem is I tried that already yeah the desktops...


On your monitor either in the side or bottom of it there should be a button that says 'auto' or 'adjustment...

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How can I change my computer resolution to one that's not available?

I just bought a 20 inch widescreen Dell Lcd monitor to go with my Sony computer. The Dell monitor says I need to put it on a 1680 X 1050 resolution but thats not an option under my more


You will most likely need to invest in a new video card which will support that new monitor. Generally...

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Computer resolution bug?

So one day, I turn fraps on to do some recording work for a video game (This is what I do, I record footage, I make commentaries and strategy guides and reviews) I boot up one of these games, specifically call of duty 4 to the normal resolution which...


1280 x 1024 is the old 4:3 ratio TV and computer monitor standard ( not widescreen ). 1280 x 720 ( ...

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My computer doesn't work right with games and resolution settings?

ok, so when i go to the desktop and left click on the back ground and open up properties, on that menu i adjust my resolution settings, but i have to max out the resolution when i put the resolution below 1600X800(i think thats it) it just puts the screen...


Search your computers make and model on the internet, that drive update never works well. Once you find...

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How can I fix this problem with my TV screen resolution?

Basically, I got a new TV to use as a monitor, and when I try to put the computer in full resolution, it puts the left half of the screen on the RIGHT and theres a red line down the screen, about a third from the right. In the Nvidia control panel, it...


there are several possibilities, and as you have already updated the drivers have you checked to see...

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What just happened with my resolution?

For no reason what so ever, my computer changed screen resolution. Basically, at first, I was running a program, but it was slow. I decided to go check out the Guest account to see if anybody opened programs they didn't close. I heard the startup noise...


"Input Is Not Supported" means the monitor isn't recognizing the output from your video card...

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