How can I query Parse data by creation date with Swift?

Let’s learn how can I query Parse data by creation date with Swift. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How do i change this code to query by creation date with swift from parse data?

I have this code to retrieve images from parse data. How do I query it by creation date? I tried using findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock but it wont work with a PFFile. What do i do? Also, as a side question, sometimes when i place the images in a UIImageView they are upside down or sideways. Why? if let objects = objects as? [PFObject] { for object in objects { if let userPicture = object.valueForKey("Image") as? PFFile { userPicture.getDataInBackgroundWithBlock({ (imageData: NSData...


You have a set of objects which all reference an image file, but probably a set of other things too...

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Dynamic creation of template class objects

QUESTION: Hello, I need to read a delimited file and then extract fields and other information that i want to store into a template class object. Every field will go to a template class object instance, with a type that can be different for each field...


Hello Daniel. If I understand correctly, the campos represents a field (meaning a column) of data from...

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MySQL Monster Query Issue

MySQL monster query is timing out. Anything I can do about it? (Long question, possible a cure for insomnia.) I set up (using my usual mediocre coding skills) a small PHP app which allows form creation, saves the results, and outputs the results into...


Ermm.. MeFi ate that from me. How about this:SELECT fsf.*, ff.*FROM form_save_field AS fsfLEFT JOIN...

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Accessing a parent attribute in XML with PHP - sample code porovided

I am having a heck of a time getting at a attribute of a parent in my XML from PHP. here is a sample of the XML: ************************************* SAMPLE XML CODE START ************************************* <results first="1" last...


Hello pcormie-ga Thank-you for your question. I have been able to troubleshoot your question for you...

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How can a T+n query perform a real-time, all-data query of a large amount of historical data stored in a transaction database?

Real-time all-data query of huge historical data stored in transaction database will create heavy workload to database and heavily destroy the necessary low-latency of transaction system. Separating historical data from database to ensure the performance...


Hello. I'll address your question as two separate but related ones: How can I organize my transactional...

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Different date formats

QUESTION: How are You? I hope You will have a little time to help me again here to solve this small trouble with dates. I paste dates fromto Excel. I have 3 different pattern like: 2009/03/04 A sentence here. 2009/05 Another sentence here. 2009 Again...


attis, first, saying you pasted this data intodoesn't tell me whether it is stored as a number or date...

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Is Facebook using the data from its Parse customers' databases?

I mean, it's kind of a loaded question. I've been using Parse for a project and it's quickly obvious that since FB owns Parse, FB has easy access to the data from every single app that uses Parse. I'm not asking if FB owns your data. In the Parse terms...


No. The entire Parse stack including the data store are independent from Facebook. In fact I can't definitively...

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I have a workbook with data spanning 1999-2011 in separate sheets each sheet having data for 12 months and data for respective days. I would like do ad hoc querying on this data. How do we import this entire data to Hadoop for analysis?

I pretty much understand that we can do some data cleansing and convert that into dimensions and aggregates for analysis. I'm curious to know what will be approach if this considered to be unstructured as the goal would be do adhoc querying on the data...


Is this data in a Excel file? It sounds like it is. I would further guess that you have less than 6...

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When does big data become small data again?

Big data. All the buzz for some time now. Terabytes of useful data, so rich that in many cases, ad-hoc analysis requires asynchronous computing. Launch your query, get results several hours later. Or have a regular pre-processing algorithm run on the...


Big data becomes small data when we consider what's coming next...big video data. Intel services are...

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IIP-Monthly Inflation- weekly GDP-Quarterly all can be found in economic survey of india which arrive...

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