How can I register my mobile phone on yahoo messenger?

Let’s learn how can I register my mobile phone on yahoo messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Yahoo for Mobile. Your favorite Yahoo services, on your phone.

Make Yahoo Mobile your starting point to the mobile Internet. oneSearch, Email, Mail, ... Messenger; Video Guide

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How do l register my phone with yahoo messenger?

my phone numbers are +249911515749, the modle of my phone is nokia N91 8GB


Here’s how: Click the Messenger menu and select "Sign in to Mobile Device." Select a...

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-logon to YM -click Messenger menu -click My Contact Detail, put your mobile number on Mobile box.

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Messenger > Preferences > General > Edit Mobile Device : follow prompts.

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I still can't register my mobile device to yahoo messenger. I keep receiving error 999.?

I am still receiving error 999 whenever i register my mobile phone to yahoo messenger so that i can go on sms. Grrrrrrrrrrrr


make sure about the cell carriers......which cell company provideds the facility for messenger....then...

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How do you create a yahoo email filter to send an alert to a mobile phone?

I've been trying for the past 3 months to create filters that will send an alert, via text, to my mobile phone. I am using the Newest Version of yahoo mail. THE "Send to mobile device" CHECKBOX JUST DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE FILTERS SCREEN ANYMORE...


Try allows you to receive email notifications on your cell phone...

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How do I register an Australian mobile phone with Y!M.?

I have tried to register an Australian mobile phone with Yahoo messenger and the SMS with conformation code never reaches me. My phone provider is listed and selected. Do I need a country code, or other variation on my mobile to work?


Isaw that in the faq *

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Do you have to pay for registering your phone and talking to friends on Yahoo Messenger?

Like when you register a Verizon phone on Yahoo Messenger, do you have to pay any charges on your bill when someone IM's your phone or you IM them back..??


Check the link below for detailed information about Yahoo! Mobile Messenger:

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Why now there is no yahoo messenger for PDA phone?? R there any ways to use messenger on PDA phone?

I know that there was a yahoo web messenger with the website: which gerts mail, messenger and so on, i think it's good! last month, I still could access and use it but now the web is changed, only got ' one search' . I have no use...


i use the ones listed below: Got to and you can chat on Yahoo messenger on you mobile...

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Can Yahoo Messenger be used for Business? Do I need to register with Yahoo for Corporate use of Y Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger is very common tool for communication among oil traders and is widely used by oil companies, reporters and brokers. Other communication tools exist like Reuters messenger and Bloomberg but Yahoo Messenger seems to be the most popular...


Other multi featured business messengers are available except Yahoo messenger. Now security and productivity...

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