How can I save photo attachments to Yahoo! Photos in mail beta?

Let’s learn how can I save photo attachments to Yahoo! Photos in mail beta. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Attachments and Photos | Yahoo Answers

All Categories > Yahoo Products > Yahoo Mail > Attachments and Photos. Attachments and ... save it and print it. Then ... Every time I try to send an attachment from ...

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How do i save photo attachments from my yahoo mail beta to my yahoo photos?

is there an easy way to tranfer photos from the yahoo mail beta to yahoo photos?


Yeah, download the photos from your mail and upload them to yahoo photos!

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What happened to the "save to Yahoo Photos" links in emails w/photo attachments?

Emails from Yahoo Mail users to my Yahoo email account that contain photo attachments used to come with links to save an individual photo to my Yahoo photo albums or to save all attached photos. A few days ago these links disappeared leaving only a ...


Sorry, but they are closing Yahoo Photos, so they don't provide that link anymore.

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Why can't i send photo attachments by e-mail on Yahoo mail beta, they always sent on yahoo before the upgrade?

My original Yahoo always sent photo attachments fast at reduced size, the new Beta does not upload fast and won't send multi photos, why?


cuz Yahoo mail beta > you.

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Since switching to the Yahoo! Mail Beta, how do I save my photo attachments to Yahoo! photo?

Has anyone came up with an answer to this issue yet? I would LOVE to know how to do it. Thank you, Byron


I don't think you can.

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How do you save mail attachments, photos to my yahoo photos?

with the old version it was easy. I dont see how to do it without downloading on my computer then uploading to yahoo photos. I have the same problem with mail attachments (i.e. movies, files)


When you are prompted to run or save the attachments choose save and then you will be prompted to choose...

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How do you save photos to your yahoo!photos with the new beta mail?

There used to be an option when you dowloaded the attachments but I don't see one now or do I need to save the attachments then upload?


there aren't options for that!

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Photo attachments in the new mail yahoo beta will be the same that the old version?

In the version before the beta you can chose between two ways of attachments (files or photos/images), which where great because you can use photos en the messege and explained in it.


I think it will be the same, cheers

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When i try to save photo attachments in email to Yahoo Photos, i get error message most of the time?

when photos are attached incoming email, there is a link to SAVE TO YAHOO PHOTOS but I get an error message when i try it most of the time


you have to edit the photos..bec yahoo had 10.0mb only to attached 1 file..

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I switched to the yahoo Beta account and cannot figure out how to save photo attachments sent to me.?

I used to have the option of automatically save to Yahoo photos. Now i CAN'T FIND THAT OPTION.


just click on save to my computer then scroll down on the left hand side and you will see my attachments...

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