How can I search for some aside from email or name on facebook?

Let’s learn how can I search for some aside from email or name on facebook. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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Facebook search by name or email

I am developing a site with facebook connect using javascript Fql query. Is there a way, using javascript fql to search members by name or by email. Thanks..


Yes, you can search different objects (groups, posts, events etc.) by providing a keyword. The format...

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How can I browse many people on facebook without putting any name/email address/term?

I want to find my boyfriend on facebook by using people search feature, there are more people and information than on dating sites so I can get to know the real person before really meeting the person. but I need to put name or email address to browse...


This is how you Browse people on Facebook.

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When will my facebook page be listed when people Google search my name?

I've created a Facebook page and tweaked all the privacy settings so that search engines can pick it up but still no listing with Google or any of the other search engines I've tried. Google has one or two other people with my same name listed in conjunction...


yes. but they can only go on the page if they have a facebook. but they need to be your friend to actually...

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Some guy used my email address to sign up for Facebook.

Some guy used my (secondary) e-mail address when he signed up for Facebook, so now I am getting zillions of friend requests, status updates, personal messages, etc., via Facebook that are meant for him. My goal is to somehow bring this to his attention...


Facebook advice on this issue: When someone adds an email address to their account we send a notification...

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Facebook blocked person but got nasty email still plz help?

hello i blocked someone from my facebook account a few months ago now and the other day i got a nasty email inbox on facebook from the blocked person how have they been able to do this ,i have reported this to facebook because this as made me very upset...


hey debbie.. all u need to do is change your privacy settings... click setting-- privacy settings--search...

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Facebook search my name?

how can i stop people from seeing my name when they time it in the search block up.. in the old one there was Connecting on Facebook in the new setting type were is it? can any1 please help me out????????? i dont want peeple to find me when they type...


Go to Privacy Settings under how you connect the first option change your setting and it should disable...

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How do I find people by city or email address on Facebook?

I have a friend whose name, email address and city I know. His name is too common to use as the only search criterion. Facebook only gives you the option to find people not already in your friends list by using email and IM services. Isn't there supposed...


Yes. Just search his e-mail address in the search box. It is possible he does not have a Facebook account...

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What are the rules for storing Facebook public user data (e.g., name, picture, gender) retrieved via the Graph API?

This is a follow-up question to What Facebook data can Quora access or store when users sign-up with Facebook Connect?. I, among others, find the new Facebook data storage policy somewhat vague.  The Graph API makes certain basic user data - http://www...


1 -  Email does require extended permission. To get a user's email or search using it would require...

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How do I search for anyone's email id using his/her name?

Please this is very very important to know.. HELP ME OUT.. one of my frnds shifted to Japan last year.. and i have lost all the contacts with her.. yesterday the tsunami took place and i have no way to contact her... she doesnt even have a account on...


I dont have an idea, for your question. Social networking is all about making friendship, sharing videos...

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If I change my facebook name, can someone still find me through my old name on google search?

I'm trying to hide from someone who knows my name. I don't want them to know my info or my friends. I want to change my Facebook name but I worried that my old name will still pop up in google search results and once they click it will still lead them...


It probably will somewhere. The internet sucks sometimes. Sorry. I mean it's worth a try. If that person...

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