How can I send an http request at a specific time?

Let’s learn how can I send an http request at a specific time. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How to send an HTTP request at a specific time in Jmeter

I want to send an HTTP request every fifteen seconds, e.g.: Send an HTTP request to the first user at T+0 (e.g. 10:00:00 AM) Send the same HTTP request to user 2 at T+15sec (e.g. 10:00:15 AM) Send this request to user 3 at T+30


If you want to start the test at a specific time, you can use JMeter scheduler. If the Start Time is...

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How do I send 1000 different requests to a server at the same time?

The login page has three fields,namely user number field, date of birth (dob) field and a verify question (which is nothing but some mathematical arithmetic expression). As of now the code I have written is a java class, that send http request to the...


First, it sounds like you are intending to break into a system via password guessing.  Any properly...

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Software Benchmarks and Benchmarking: What is the way to use dynamic contents in XML using CSV file so that the XML can be send as HTTP Request in JMeter for RESTful service?

For more clarity on the question,  I need to send a XML to be processed by RESTful service using JMeter. The dynamic content of the XML is <OrderNumber>${__CSVRead(CO1.csv,0)}</OrderNumber> where  CSVRead() function used to get the N...


One solutions I can think of is: Generate XML along with any variables and put that in a variable with...

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Who would I have to send such a request to? I wanna waste someone's time?

I want to send a request to whoever it would be in the government that all individuals should own a tank in case of terrorist attacks. I wanna waste there time reading title. Who would I send such a request to?


They don't actually read stuff like that. They throw it all in the trash and then send you a letter...

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Hey plz send me request if any1 has its acc. in { } and {}?

hey plzzz plzzz send me request>>>> on ( i really wanted it plzzzz



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Its done by both (RTB Request + Custom Parameters) Infact any RTB Request for Ad consists of various...

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What is the problem with having a HTTP GET/POST request that takes a long time to calculate?

If a job takes a long time to finish, why should I do that as an asynchornous task (e.g. via python celery) or similar if it works just fine to do this via a standard GET request? The calculation takes around 30 sec.


In isolation? Nothing. Take as long as you need. However, in production, you're going to be able to...

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Given a url to a webpage which embeds a video (similar to youtube) how can I write an API (in any language) to send a request (http or any other) and find if the video is valid/broken (maybe by using return codes for the video stream) without actually visiting the page?

For example: A video might be removed for various reasons after adding..(like copyright issues/removed by user etc), without actually visiting this URL but by just having the link, is it possible to write an API using the http return codes to find out...


If the URL actually returns an error code (such as 401, 404, etc.) you could use the HTTP HEAD to determine...

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Every time i send someone request to view the person's webcam yahoo messenger show webcam not available?

every time it shows the person's webcam is not available.plzz tell me how to solve this problem i have tried rebooting but still its same. there is no problem in the person's webcam..


It might be another program stopping it. Or it could be the port settings. I'll try to help if you haven...

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Should I send the friend requests? Should I wait for the people that I know to send me friend requests?

I signed up for Facebook the day before yesterday. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to send a friend request to a person that I know. I rather receive the friend request, because it makes me feel wanted, and important. I have two friends right...


They may not know you're on facebook just send them the friend requests.

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