How can I send back emails to yahoo from my outlook?

Let’s learn how can I send back emails to yahoo from my outlook. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Outlook Express emails back to Yahoo account - Microsoft ...

I configured Outlook Express to send an email and I imported all my emails from my yahoo account to Outlook Express. I thought my original emails would ...

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I have my Yahoo mails in my Outlook 2007. Now, how do I send all my emails back to Yahoo? Thanks in advance.?

It works great. I have all my emails here in Outlook 2007. Now I want to send them a copy to my Inbox in Yahoo Mail.


You can't send back the ones that have been already deleted from the Yahoo server. To fix this for new...

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How can I use outlook 2007 in windows 7 to send emails? I have a yahoo account but under a domain name?

I want to use outlook 2007 to send emails, I don't know the exact configurations to do so.I will be using my Yahoo email account, but still I want my outlook account to be under my domain name. I mean, usually I log into my Yahoo email account, and since...


usually when you log in to your account, it should give you pop3 and smtp server settings and you can...

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How you can send and receive Yahoo Emails from Outlook 2010 ?

I am able to receive but unable to send. Can someone suggest right settings in Outlook ?


Troubleshooting tips If you still can’t send Yahoo! Mail from your mail program, you may be accessing...

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I've set my yahoo email to POP to my MS Outlook But it can recieve but cant send emails in Outlook. Pls Help?

I've set my yahoo email to "POP" emails to my MS Outlook and it was working fine till this morning when I can recieve emails but can't sen't any emails. The message said that I've reached the maximum allowed sending of emails in a day but I...


d 'day' is considered a 24 hour period the limit is in place to prevent u from mass emailing also know...

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Does anyone know if it is possible to send back emails from outlook inbox to Yahoo?

I do not know why I just decided to use Outlook for my Yahoo email account. Before I knew it all the emails in my inbox were transfered to outlook, which causes the problem of not being able to access these emails if I am not using my own computer. I...


Can I get my other email (work, school, etc.) through Yahoo! Mail? For more information Click this link...

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If I send emails in outlook, can I get the emails to save in the sent items of yahoo?

i've just started routing my emails from yahoo to outlook 2007. only problem is that when I send from Outlook, they don't get saved in yahoo. Any workaround or am I stuck with this? Would be good for backup.



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Why do I receive emails from yahoo in my outlook express but I can not send emails from there?

I have everything set up to send & receive my yahoo mail thru my outlook express. I can receive emails but I can not send them. Can you help me?


I just want you to know that this is a good question and I will be checking up on it to see the answers...

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How to send emails on Outlook Express using Yahoo!Plus account?

I cannot SEND emails through my Yahoo!Plus mail account, on Microsoft Outlook 2007. I can receive all accounts including Yahoo, and can send through all (hotmail, optusnet) except Yahoo!Plus. I also cannot log into my Yahoo account on Messenger Live...


This is a copy of the usual set up instructions. Take a look at the troubleshooting tip at the end....

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I cannot send emails via outlook express 2003. i can send via BT yahoo but not outlook what should i do?

i can send emails through my home page but not through outlook express. what should i put in the SMTP address?


have you set up your outlook properly. incoming.

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