How can I send money without a credit card for Paypal?

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Send Money - PayPal

... we'll ask you to enter your credit card in order to send money. If your credit card is ... the person you're sending money to can receive a PayPal payment ...

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Can I send money from my credit card to someone's paypal account without having an account on paypal?

Is there any option to pay money with my credit card to my friend's paypal account without having a paypal account?


Yes, but it depends on how they have their paypal set up.

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How to send money to someone with paypal INSTANTLY with credit card?

hey PLEASE HELP . i have a paypal account and i want to send money to someone and i dont want to wait 5 days for my bank to confirm. I have a credit card but when i go to SEND MONEY tab in paypal it takes me to a page where i have a option to select...


Everyone needs to learn patience the electronic age does not mean everything is instant. After paypal...

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Can you use a Credit Card to send money on paypal?

I'm buying a pet online to be shipped to me, but if I wait until I have the funds, it will be 3 or 4 weeks, and I am so impatient and love my pets so much. I was wondering if there was a way to pay with a credit card on paypal without actually using...


*WARNING WARNING* there are many PET SHIPPING SCAM out there * POSSIBLE SCAM* part of the scam they...

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Can I send money from my credit card to my bank account (debit card) via paypal?

So like the question says, can I transfer money over into my debit card from my credit card online through paypal?


maybe you could it would first involve transfer money from the credit card to paypal which take few...

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Can you send money of your own credit card in your own paypal?

I need to add funds to my paypal account, however my credit card that is attached to the account i need to transfer some funds from the card to the paypal account. can this be done?


select add funds at the top of the page and select your credit card as the funding source.

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Is there a way i can send my money on paypal to a credit card??

i want to send my money to a credit card instead of a bank account is there any way of doing that?? thank you : )


I'm not sure, call Paypal and ask them, there might be away you can credit the other account.

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How can one send money directly to a credit card?

We have a consumer app were we'd like to rebate some of our users small amounts of money ($5, $10). Due to the nature of our offering we are able to store credit cards (we're PCI DSS compliant) but we're not processors. We want to send the money directly...


Ask your payment processor if they do VISA OCT. For example, a company like valitor offers this service...

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Can people send me money through paypal if i dont have a bank account or credit card?

I know this might sound silly, but I have no idea how to use this stuff. I am trying to sell my stuff over eBay but the thing is I don't have a bank account or a credit card. It says I have to chose a payment method and when i check the box for "...


No, you need to verify your identity by linking a bank account or credit/debit card that is in your...

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How can i send money overseas. with out carrying a big wad of cash with me or using a credit card.?

i've got a debit card VISA, but not a credit card. this is getting frustrating with everyone asking for cash, or a CCard.


I am first surprised that you aren't able to use your debit visa card, since it is essentially a "...

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