How can I set up outlook to download mail?

Let’s learn how can I set up outlook to download mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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MS Outlook only downloads email that is in the inbox.?

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to set up outlook so that I can download all of my Yahoo mail to my Outlook. Currently, I can only download mail from my inbox, however, I have many other folders in Yahoo Mail that contains emails that I would to download to Outlook. I Have been told: "That's easy - just set your folders in Outlook and move them there from Outlook separately from your Yahoo Mail. " However, I suppose I am not understanding those directions. Set up my folders in Outlook...


Heres the link to help you:…

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How do I set Microsoft Outlook to download my e-mail from my yahoo e-mail?

I want to be able to download my Yahoo e-mail to Microsoft outlook if I choose to.


Not possible ,Microsoft and Yahoo are two rival IT companies. The settings differ.

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I set up outlook express today, how do i download all my mail at once?

when i go to send/receive it downloads on average about 300 messages from my gmail account at a time, I have over 8000 messages I want to download. how do I do this?


You have no control. Maybe Gmail has a transfer limit and you may just have to do it multiple times...

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To access a free Yahoo! Mail account with Outlook Express using the YPOPs! desktop utility: Install...

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I can't download all my mail to outlook?

I recently upgraded to Mail Plus and set everything up correctly but Outlook only downloads the 10 oldest messages in my account. And it's the same messages everytime. How do I get outlook to download all the messages in my account?


check your settings are not showing "Leave a copy of the message on the server" - uncheck...

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Yahoo Plus Mail POP with Outlook 2003 on Vista? PLEASE!?

I have a Yahoo Mail Plus account I've had for years, and just purchased a new computer with Vista. I've tried to add my Yahoo account to Outlook 2003. 1. My Inbox downloads a lot of my email from two-three years ago all the way up to 1 year ago. It will...


Try increasing your mail server timeouts. Do you get stuck on the same message if you try more than...

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How do I stop OUTLOOK to download all yahoo messages again and again.?

Have set up outlook acording to yahoo instructions , leaving copy on yahoo server. Outlook is looping and downloading all yahoo mail again and again, so i get multiple copies of all mail messages. How can I make outlook to recognize that all mail have...


Hello, are you leaving mail on the server? If so, outlook will re-download everything when you make...

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Yahoo Mail Pop Access Using Outlook 2002

I just set up my outlook to pop into Yahoo Mail (2GIg, upgrade). I have Outlook set not to delete mail from server (I need to archive it). The problem is that evertime outlook pop into Yahoo it downloads ALL the messages in the inbox. Anyway I can configure...


Greetings QuestionsPerson! I contacted Yahoo! customer support about your problem and this is the reply...

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