How can I stop my Yahoo logging out?

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How do I stop yahoo mail from logging out every hr!?

I have IE set to accept cookies from yahoo. I have session cookes enabled. I have yahoo in my trusted sites. I have yahoo listed in my firewall as ok. I have my yahoo settings set to log out every 2 weeks. Still every hr I'm logged out. Of course I don't know that until I send mail & then it is lost & I have to write it all again. :( Any ideas?


login to "My account" in the Member information section You change it to EVERY 2 WEEKS http...

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How can i stop yahoo messenger from automatically logging me on?

When i open yahoo messenger it automatically logs on. how can i stop that and make it wait for me to enter my user name and password?


Change the preferences on your yahoo messenger to not log in upon start up. To do this, sign in to yahoo...

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How can I STOP someone from logging into my yahoo account?

Someone has been getting into my account and erasing mostly all my questions that i ask for help for and its getting me really mad and its really annoying! How are they getting my password when i change it and my secret questions? How do i stop them?


change password put on protected ? yes you might have a keylogger try iobit malware fighter.

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How do I get my Yahoo Messenger to stop logging me out?

I have a verizon DSL internet connection which is set up to a linksys router so I can have wireless in my house. My yahoo continuously logs me out and back in automatically and I cannot stand it. I have tried re-installing yahoo and changing the connection...


Make sure you scan your computer for viruses/spyware/trojans. If you find that isn't the problem, try...

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How do you stop Yahoo E-mail from auto logging you in?

When I first created my e-mail, you are given the option of having your e-mail auto log you in. For some reason, there seems to be no way to shut this off. If I walk away from my PC and someone would surf to, it would pop up automatically...


You are supposed to make sure that you are logged out before you turn off your computer.

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How do I get my Yahoo! to stop logging on automatically in a continuous loop?

Nothing unusual has happened to my computer at all in the last week. However, suddenly for no apparent reason, when I click on the Yahoo! Messenger icon on my desktop to log in, it will log me in, immediately log me out, log me back in again, immediately...


Just remove your check mark form sign me in automatically and it will be fine.if you have still problem...

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How do you stop yahoo mesenger from logging you in automatically?

when i start my pc the messenger starts automatically and logs me in by itself. plz tell me how to stop this.


click to the 3 icon that u will find in yahoo sign in. theres invisible icon, remember pasword and automaticaly...

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My yahoo messenger keeps logging me off! What can I do to stop this?

Yahoo messenger would just sign out by itself, multiple times during the time of use.


try uninstalling it and re-installing it....always fixes my problems

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How do you stop Yahoo Messenger from logging in every time you click on it?

No matter how many times I tell Yahoo Messenger not to remember by sign in information, it still does and logs me in automatically.


I had the same problem so I just uninstalled it from my computer.

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you've probably registered your phone to receive your ym messages. when you sign out do not use the...

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