How can I sue someone living outside the U.S. that bought a business from me in Florida?

Let’s learn how can I sue someone living outside the U.S. that bought a business from me in Florida. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I sue someone living outside the U.S. that bought my business in Florida?

I have a Ballon Short Term Promissory Note valued @ 42K and a 160K Note/monthly payments of 5k plus with a person living in France that bought my business in Florida, U.S. Currently, more


If the person you are suing has property in Florida, you can get in rem jurisdiction over them. Additionally...

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I bought a .COM a few days later I found someone with an LLC under the same name, can they sue me for name inf?

Lets say I have just purchased and a few days later I find out that John Doe has XYZ, LLC in a different state. He has had it for 7 years, but has not trademarked the name. I have the means and a plan to run a real bonafide lucrative web business...


Domain names, business names and trademarks are governed by some very different rules. A domain name...

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I bought a business a few years ago, and now it's making me completely miserable.

I own an Apple reseller somewhere in the United States. I bought this company from the former owner a few years back, despite having no education in business whatsoever (other than what I've learned on the job.) When I first took over as owner, it was...


Oh, God, honey, I give you so much credit for trying, you hustled like hell, but just sell and walk...

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How to set up a new e-commerce business so that it succeeds.

Can I make a decent living by setting up an e-commerce business? And what are the critical success factors I should look out for? Hive mind. Firstly, the background. I have children, and I have bills. As such, I need to make a living. I'm currently an...


I definitely see how experience in SEO and digital marketing will be invaluable to starting a small...

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What is the legal age to sue in Florida?

My mom was recently arrested for "domestic violence" [[by the way, the guy lied about her hitting him]] and she was released from jail later that day with no contact order. The guy DID NOT have an eviction notice. The judge said that my little...


What would you want to sue him for? If you had to pay for a locksmith to unlock the place to get your...

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ANYBODY WHO LIVES IN FLORIDA USA ONLY! Want to apply for a social security number in florida, USA?

I have lived whole life in the UK (and still living here), but want to go to Florida. I have a business background and degree with MBA. I want to live in Florida, take me through the steps of that and how to get my social security number. I have been...


First of all you need a residence and work visa to actually enter the USA. But as a UK citizen you are...

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Boa's in florida?

Ok I don’t think a lot of people saw my question so I’m reposting and making it more in depth I want you to give me you first answer on what you think of this but I want you to read my opinion and then tell me what you think bout it after...


well they already have special restrictions set up.. I needed a license to keep "exotics"...

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Looking for busy area in Florida, a area good for opening a auto repair shop?

Hi!! I am currently living in NY but thinking about moving to Florida and start a new Auto Repair Business over there and hoping it to be a busy area, to keep my type of business going. I am not very familiar with Florida and therefore probably have...


I have lived in Orlando for most of my life ands times are tough everywhere but based on what a friend...

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I just bought a puppy two days ago and it has been diagnosed with parvo. Can I sue the previous owner?

Ok, so i bought a puppy two days ago from a breeder that I found on Craigslist. The puppy did come with vet records stating that he was all up to date on his shots including the parvo vaccination and was told that he was a healthy and happy puppy. However...


I'm sorry about that. Parvo in in exceptional cases would hit even those dogs that were completely vaccinated...

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How can someone go about reporting a business?

hi i have been working at a store and long story short the boss bought stolen property and 1.didnt make the person fill out the paperwork saying its not stolen and stuff just handed the lady cash. 2.he does this alot and he got busted once but the cops...


It sounds as if he's buying off the local police. Call the Florida State Attorney General's office....

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