How can I switch back from the new yahoo calendar to the old one?

Let’s learn how can I switch back from the new yahoo calendar to the old one. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Hate... HATE... Yahoo Calendar! To Yahoo: Can You Switch to Old One?

Who hates (or, amazingly... likes) the Yahoo Calendar they have reformatted? I personally hate it! Who wants to see the old one brought back? How do we let Yahoo know what we out here want from them? They are not very user-friendly, just keep shoving changes at us, like them or not.


On the Calendar page>>click on "Options" and in the drop menu>>click on "...

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maybe go to your yahoo email and once your in there on your top right hand side it says mobile. options...

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How do we go back to the old Yahoo! calendar?

This new one really sucks and seems to be very buggy. - I use the week view and want my week to start on Mondays... it intermittently reverts back to Sundays. - I get multiple reminders about events instead of just the ONE I requested. - Sometimes it...


According to Yahoo----the good old (easy to use and efficient) calendar is gone forever and will NOT...

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I don't want to keep the Yahoo Beta Calendar that was automatically (without my permission) downloaded onto my Yahoo account. How do I stop events from repeating in Yahoo Beta Calendar? Better yet, how do I switch back to Yahoo's classic calendar from...


You can no longer switch back. They are trying to fix it

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How does one synchronize the new Yahoo calendar w/ a Yahoo group calendar?

Before Yahoo changed their personal calendar I had my yahoo group and yahoo personal calendar synchronized and that had been easy to do. Now I can't figure out how to get them together. Help, please.


How to Share a Layer of Your Yahoo! Calendar With Users of Other Calendars

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Get error when loading Yahoo Calendar Beta

This is the error: Sorry... The new Yahoo! Calendar Beta doesn't work in your language yet. The team is working around the clock to translate everything in your language. By the way, did you know there are over 6,000 languages in the world? I have tried...


Yahoo is doing a major update to the site. You won't be able to download the calendar for a while. You...

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How do I clear the existing calendar, which appears to be the calendar for one of my Yahoo groups?

When I access the calendar tab on My Yahoo page, it is the calendar that belongs to my ppoc3 group. I don't want to view this calendar, I want my own. I've tried going to the group and using the edit function and I've also tried the clear function but...


Go to your personal calendar. go to options go to Time guides. uncheck the groups Save

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Am I the only one that can't access their yahoo calendar? I get a blank page no Calendar.?

Starting late last week, I couldn't access my calendar and I am not getting any reminders for my scheduled events. I have tried everything I can to get to it again. When I choose Calendar I get directed to a completely blank page. Not a blank calendar...


Try this link.…

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How can I switch back to the old Yahoo calendar? I want my group events to appear in my calendar?

Apparently the "new and improved" calendar doesn't support the combining of groups calendars with my personal calendar.


I don't think there is a way to go back to the old calendar. Try the KeepandShare calendar... it allows...

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How can I NOT have events from one of my yahoo groups automatically appear on my personal calendar?

I joined a new yahoo group. Now everything from this group calendar is on my personal calendar. I can't delete the items. I assume that there is a preference to not have this happen (I belong to several groups and this is the only one that does this...


this is taken care of through going to yahoo mail, clicking calendar tab- far right click Time Guides...

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