How can I trick SSH to connect using different configurations based on current location?

Let’s learn how can I trick SSH to connect using different configurations based on current location. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Server Fault.

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How can I trick ssh to connect using different configurations based on current location?

Here is the following use case: wanting to ssh server1 in 3 scenarios: server1 is on current network, go for it server1 is not on current network and you need to use a gateway (gw1) to access it, not a big problem as you can use ~/.ssh/config to define tunnelling for this you are on a network that does not allow you to access the first gw1, so you'll use gw2 for that. Desired outcome: be able to use the same command and be able to connect to the server.


You've sort of hinted at the solution already, and with dave4420's additional hint I sort of feel like...

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What are some ways to connect to Amazon EC2 without using SSH?

The reason that I ask this is that I live in Iran and the government makes SSH connection very slow! (Don't even talk about VPNs. :) They hardly work. ) I want to use my EC2 instance as a proxy and I will add my own encryption to my traffic ( I want...


Can you use Mosh? Much faster than SSH, but you need to be able to send UDP.

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Can I get in trouble if I go to a public location w/out using their services and connect to wifi from my car i?

Like a hotel or laundry mat or Mcdonalds.. for me to just sit in the parking lot in a parked car and connect to wifi with out using the public services/ I dont want to rent a room, do laundry or buy food.. I have no money.. can I get introuble for using...


Yes. = Theft of services. - 2am and police become 'interested' in people sitting in cars.

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How do i connect to xbox live using my Vista Based laptop?

I have a laptop using windows vista home premium. I'm using a 3G Modem that plugs into the USB port on my laptop. I have an ethernet cable connected from my laptop to my xbox360. I am able to surf the net, no problems there. Whenever i test my xbox live...


Do u have a modem to play xbox 360 online u need one cable connected to modem and from modem 1 cable...

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Why do people 'check in' using Location-Based Social Networks? What is their motivation?

Referring to Location Based Social Networks, such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and others.


From the answers below the Location Based Marketing Association created a summary and put that into...

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What do people think of using location based technology to re-invent how music is distributed?

This is a follow-up to an article posted recently on The Next Web: Do you think there will be an opportunity to disrupt the music industry by having bands create albums/tracks that are unfolded to listeners based on...


Inception the App, which also features location based music ( as well as many other context aware capabilities...

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What are good examples of B2B companies using location based services?

Are there any examples? Are location based services (foursquare...) only being used in B2C markets?


One type of B2B LBS I stumbled across is the "enterprise assets management" which comes in...

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How are young people using location based services?

What research is there on how under 18s in different countries are adopting and making use of location-based services from mobile phones. (e.g. Foursquare; Layar etc.)


I cannot provide you any insights on this specific question. But I definitely recommend you to check...

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Is there a location based service that lets customers pay for having a picture taken at a time/place using a mobile app?

Is there an location-aware app/service that allows users to bid for a having a picture taken at a certain time/place? The picture could be taken by other users in the community with a smartphone.


Yes, the one we're building :-)

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How can I prevent my Android phone from being tracked using location-based marketing?

Apple fixed it by randomizing MAC Addresses: iOS 8 strikes an unexpected blow against location tracking -- any way to do something similar on an Android phone?


By turning off your wifi when you are not using it. If you don't ping the local networks, they won't...

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